Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is it just me....

Or has blogville suddenly become lethargic?
There are very few attention grabbing posts out there and all those blogs that kept us riveted through the summer lie dormant, neglected or ravaged by the scourge of malicious anonymous commentaries.
I guess, all we have to do is wait and see what will come of this. Like life, there is never a vacuum but there are always periods of inactivity.
For my brethren who are still fighting the good fight and blessing us with the benefit of the eloquence of their blogs or those who have found a way to seduce our minds, bodies and hearts with their piercing words and sensual oration, I say keep it up. Like all things Naija, we still full ground.

So, Catwalq is back from her trip and trying to get her life and studies back on track.
She is also trying not to pine too much for that certain someone who has laid siege to Catwalq's senses and cell phone minutes.
She feels invigorated and ready to spring back to action...if she will just sit her pretty derriere down and do the work.
She is trying to manage her new job.
She is working on a master plan for the new Botswana International University of Science and Technology...which though might not get built, could very well help secure her an internship
She is trying to coax herself to work out...cos he plays soccer every Friday and there is no way she is going to be upstaged when he unleashes himself on her.
She is happy and grateful for that as that has seemed to elude her for a while.
She feels very optimistic about all the great things about to happen.
She is trying to manage curling her weave every morning...she is getting better at avoiding her ear lobes and forehead (hot metal is a biatch).
She is going to do her homework now cos it is past 12.00 midnight and she has done not a thing.


In my head and around me said...

I have to agree with you about the lethargy. Lots of my favourite writers are slacking off.

LOL @ avoiding ear lobes and forehead.

Arewa said...

lol @ She is trying to manage curling her weave every morning...she is getting better at avoiding her ear lobes and forehead (hot metal is a biatch).
That sh*t hurts like hell. I feel u .

bumight said...

true talk about bloggers, I'm about to give up checking pple's blogs :-(

bimbylads said...

i feel u on dat one jare... where is blog ville's finest and best!

do u curl ur weave every morning? lai lai.. not me!

30+ said...



Lighty said...

good luck babes with ur work. anf blogville is getting dryyyy. in naija words. i hope people spring back soon tho.

ibilola said...

just when i was getting dis blogville, na im ppl just dey minus.But i hope, like u said it's just a resting period.

mehn, i feel u gurl. Dat frying, dying and laying 2 d side process is brutal. lol

2ndCorin5:17 said...

lol.... errrr the harmattan wind hasn't reached my side yet..
Check out my newish blog -

Idemili said...

She is a maniac for referring to herself in the third person? LOL

princesa said...

Lol! Welcome back Catty!

Personally i feel every blogger is finest and best in their own way. Blogging for me is not about how creatively one writes rather its about relating to other people's experiences and helping them through it all.

I understand some of your favourite bloggers have left but there are also new wonderful blogs around. Blogville is not getting lethargic but more interesting!

Arewa said...

Preach on Pincesa !! x x


Aunty Catwalq will manage to curl her weave! and avoid the ears! lol!

My dear, I am loving the optimism of this post. Glad that tings are positive. That is a blessing!

Yes, blogville don change oh, but some people keep it poppin

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Only the strong survive...juz d strong!!!

Waffarian said...

Me i no know which wan una dey complain, all sorts still dey for dis blogville, wetin una dey find?

Meanwhile welcome back, so you get time for morning like that? u try oh! me, na sleep walk i dey take comot for house!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

In my head and around: It seems that many are taking a break but again it still seems that there is still some discourse....
lol, am avoiding them o

Arewa: my sister, i bin think say na only me

bumight: don't now,there are some great writers out there. I like yours.

Bimbylads: Some still dey. I try to

30+: about my profile image? what can I say, i am in love with myself

Lighty: people are drying. I am kind of liking the derth of scandal. makes it feel like surulere in the 80s

Ibilola: I don't even know how the akata chics do it at all

2nd Corrinthians: I am on my way

Idemmilli: u know say I like you plenty plenty

Princessa: I have learned my lesson. I stand corrected

Arewa: follow follow. comot there

Solomonsydelle: as long as u no comot. i go still dey here with you

Opeke: true dat

Waffarian: ha!! no go jam okada o

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