Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where there are no names, all can be said

They come from near
They come from far
They come to tell me who they really are
In my ears
Against my skin
They can reveal all that is within

Sometimes with tears
Sometimes not
Sometimes it is not about the battles
That they have fought
It's what they need to let out
Much like steam
Or when they need to build up
Their self esteem

I am exclusive
It's my right
Even though I have lost it
To this world of night
They think they know me
That they understand
They think they see me
When I let them hold my hand

Sometimes, I sit in terror
When I am not sure
Just how much the speaker is control
Of his all
Fortunately they remember
Sadly they tell me that they do
That they must let me go
To a world that they will never know

Then when I am in need
Of a someone just like me
I come to this place nameless
Reborn and recreated
Cos where there are no names
All can be said
And sometimes, to speak is all I need
To get through the days that make my year


little miss me said...

'ode to blogville' well said!

Queen of My Castle said...

Loved this one. I am sure many can relate, me included.

Loving the new background. Understatedly sexy

Atutupoyoyo said...

Love the new look. Good looking out to the blogville crew. Very well said.

For the love of me said...

Happy new year

Anonymous said...

happy new year babe

Afrobabe said...

hmmmm DEEP!!!

Love the new look..

Happy new year love.


yes Ms. Catwalq,

...'Nuff repect sista for coming through with that intricate and awe-filled use of language that brings semblance of sorts to the previously unanswered question on our minds...'Could we really be this lucky to be privy to a top word-smith and mixed media creative genius in our midst and know nothing of it?'...Placing my bets now on Cat's likelihood to be ascribed the Shakespeare of our time...u lot sleep on this one at ur peril...Go on sista!...keep painting those poetic pictures...we definitely see u...Who Jah bless no man curse truuuuusssss mi...big BIG BIGG tingz n'all for you and yours in '08 still!!


Naijadude said...

New look, tres sexy ;) !! how are you doing hun?
Did you have a good new year?

The Last King Of Scotland said...

loving the words...............

Fred said...


Afolabi said...

nice poem....and thanks for the comment on my short story

NikkiSab said...

Babe, Happ Nu Yr!!!

Jaybabe said...

Wow! Catwalq..this is..this is sooo...dammmnnn..Catwalq..this is wow! Very nice words, with phrases and sentences put together. Wow!

Jaybabe said...

Ehen! Happy new Year girl!

N.I.M.M.O said...

We Who Are 'Anonymous', We Salute You!

Love the new background too.

Arewa said...

Loving the new layout...and this piece is waow!!

Lovita said...


Complete renovation
and some resolution
Money don come o

I lyke your styl o jare

Jinta said...

Nice one, and happy new year.

Let's write a book together - you write, I manage. Split: 20% and 80% to me.

In my head and around me said...

Happy New Year! All the Best.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Little Miss Me: Well, thanks

Queen of my Castle: Are you sure you can relate? Are you sure you understand what I am talking about?
I love the new background too. That's the look I am working on. A couple hundred sit ups and lunges to go

Atutupoyoyo: Why thanks dear

For the Love of Me: Happy New Year too

Geisha: Same to you

Afrobabe: Happy New Year

Consciousness: lol. U anr your comments. U always crack me up. Thanks

Naijadude: I am fine o....tres fine. And u?

The Last King of Scotland: But do you know what they mean?

Fred: Thanks

Afolabi: Thanks and it was a nice story

Jaybabe: wharrishop? Happy New Year gurrrrllll

Nimmo: Nimmo! Nimmo!! Nimmo!!!, u better have updated... thanks for the salute. How is life?

Nikisab: Happy Nu Yr

Arewa: Am loving the new layout too

Lovita: Money don come? Yes o

Uncle Jinta: Boda la de pe yin o...Haba!!! Happy New year sha

In my head and all around: Same to you...

Queen of My Castle said...

Okay, maybe I was thinking something else. LOL

Naapali said...

well said

Kiibaati said...

Everytime I read this, I get a new meaning.But then, maybe that is just me

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