Friday, May 30, 2008

Even though

You are not my type
You are too quiet
You eat cheese
You don't like to read
You think my tastes in movies suck
You are a morning person
You chew gum with your mouth open
You don't like to wear suits
You don't experiment with foods
You watch too much football
You don't understand why I don't like football
You are too close to your mother
You want too many children
You don't understand why I don't want children
You watch Flavor Flave
You watch discovery health
You listen to country music
Your car is always in a state
You are untidy
You think I am a neat freak
You are too tall
You understand the stock exchange
You play chess
You think I am too gra-gra
You don't understand why I don't like your friends
You think my friends are phony
You want me to keep natural hair
You don't know how to cook
You drive too slow
You think agricultural conventions are cool
You think my fashion trade shows are boring
You secretly want to be a traditional farmer
You don't know that I know
You don't know that I don't mind, as long as I never have to lift the hoe
You think I cannot sing
You don't understand why I think you cannot sing either
You think I drive too fast
You think I have too many male friends
You don't know that they all respect you
You are not my type
You don't like fish
You don't like Lagos
You want me to come and live in Enugu
You don't know that I have already decided to come with you
You don't know that I am messing with you
You don't know how much I love you
So, even though you are not my type
Yes, I will marry you

gra-gra : agressive


Anonymous said...

NEVER been first on anyones blog!!!
Thanks catwalq!!!
Now to read......

Allied said...

erm.... what are you doing updating ur blog?

Waiting for the big bang on Sunday!!

This is so nice.. we hate almost everyting but still want to be with him...

My version

You are not my type because
You don't like to read
You are too close to your mother
You watch Flavor Flave (NO, NO)
You are untidy
you see you are not my type
So, Look for someone else

Uzezi said...

what a lot of differences between them.

darkelcee said...

hmm,love conquered every other thing.

Nice Weekend

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ Allied.

You find neutral grounds in the similarities, right?

Okay, so maybe I am reading too much into this, but does this mean that you are engaged? I'm just trying to find some clarity. LOL

Loving 14th and Serenity, BTW

bumight said...

opposites attract...

Baroque said...

you guys still have a long way my dear, if you ask me...i marry not

Naapali said...

You will marry him? In spite of Flavor Flave!

Move over Juliet, true love just rolled into town.

Zena said...

lol @ allied

You agree to disagree, it was so cute

Kiibaati said...

"Nna, you are making an ibo boy restless... Instead of 306 words, abeg, next time, just say "yes", biko nnu?

All the rest is just, em, details"

Parakeet said...

You dont want kids? gurl, you different. So you will marry Mr not your type. You're even more intriguing...

naijalines said...

Interesting write-up. Lol @ Allied's version: love it!

Anonymous said...

i guess in this case love isn't blind but has decided to shut its eyes...

Waffarian said...

@baroque: heheheheheh too funny.

@catwalq: I see you are on a roll..

Allied said...

You are brave and u journeyed well... a "big bang" and i Love it!!!

Jaycee said...

Awwwww....nice!!! I like the part about "you think I have too many male friends, but they all respect u." I know why I like that line...

This was

Euewww, can't stand Flavor flave!

So is catwalq engaged? Or is she speaking in parables?

ibiluv said...

u are gettibg married babe?


happy for u.....

yippie another wedding.....

how sooon??????

teecity said...

Go wit ur heart Babes............

יש (Yosh) said...

"You think agricultural conventions are cool"

I don't know why I L'dOL @ that.

All the same, I hope he will be worth it.

More grease...

Nwanyi Ocha said...

*big smile* .....

very sweet.... ahhh things they dont know...

u've given me an idea!

Sting said...

No be by force to marry!!!! Although the heart wants what the heart wants, dammit!

Mocha said...

*rolling eyes* enough already..if this is about you Cat; then ANOTHER wedding?? really??
like I dont have enuff of this in real life already???

ok ok just beefing..

kinda reminds me of the "Miranda doing the pros & cons" scene from the Sex & The City movie.
At the end of the day; its the things you cant put into words that make up your mind for you..the things that dont..CANT make it onto that list.

exschoolnerd said...

are you getting married sweerat?

30+ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30+ said...

Love against all odds

omidanbellafricaine said...

At flavor flave I was like HELL NO! .... but you shocked me with the yes i'll marry you part...don't believe the hype opposites do not attract that only works in Phy/Chemistry labs men...and yay! another naija woman who does not want kids ... i have always thought i was the only one

eFJay said...

Awww..its's beautiful!
absolutely loved reading it, left me with a smile.

'ef babe'

Tears said...

u getn married? cool...congrts...
lovely poem btw :D

Ms. Catwalq said...

@Allied, u r so silly but that is why I gbadun you.

To everyone: I write. About any and all that strikes my fancy. So, by now, y'all should know that I am not engaged.

Charizard said...

haaaa...gbese u sure about this?

i think I like Allied's version much better much much

ablackjamesbond said...

lol @kiibati...

'Yes' will surely do