Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mumsie called me in school and asked why I had been incommunicado. I said, I had no credit. Then she gave me a lecture about how I spend my money and how things are tight for dad, what-are-you-doing-to-contribute, i-fear-for-you-and-the-way-you-live-your-life, i-pray-for-you, God-is-watching-you-you-are-a-child-of-christ-blah-blah-blah.
All I expected following my statement was. "Ye! My one and only, omo atata. I am going tosend you money ASAP."
I think she just wnats me to be as holy as possible so that her chances of pushing me off t some unsuspecting son of a church member will be increased.
The woman says she is not racist, let me just bring home a man that is not Yoruba and we shall hear weeen!
Then she told me that our one of our neighbours on the estate had gotten his student visa to study in the UK. Olarenwaju is his name.
Like I care. the boy had been denied three times before the officials finally fell to his back up juju, took pity on his pathetic face (he has the worst case of acne on a man I have ever seen- but he gets chicks- I don't get it) with the hopes that on his arrival in the UK, he will be able to find a goo dermatologist to redeem his face, or they were just tired of seeing him come back every six months or so.
I personally do not know why people choose to leave the country. The peope over there, do not care about you...and by 'people', I mean the whites and even the blacks.
When we went in 2000 to Maryland in the US, our cousins neighbours who dropped in to see the latest batch of africans and one of them asked me in all sincererity, if we had safaris in our backyards. Then they asked, Iya Ranti (Mrs Afolayan) who has tribal marks if indeed they were an indication of her winning her battle with a tiger. I sat there, trying not to allow my jaw to hit the ground. the latter question was as a result of my cousin, Bayo's bobo-jisting to them. H elater told me that he was fed up of them asking him dumb-arsed questions so he decided to give them a little of what they were looking for. He just never though it would come back to bite him.
Now, that i think about it, the look on Iya Ranti's face was classic. You should have seen it.
Back to what i was saying. For all the effort that Nigerians put into trying to be more america, more british, more white, those people could care shit about you. they butcher our names, steal from us as we have continously allowed imcompetent and useless people to be in charge- hint, hint Alameiseigha-, people whose contribution to thier country is to steal from it and then go abroad and disgrace us. Then they have the audacity to run "Feed Africa campaigns".
When theyhad the Africa concert this summer and all the international artistes came together to 'raise' money, i felt like shooting every single person in government and I don't care if they are related to me or not. How did we allow ourselves as a nation to become part of a identity of deprivation, human rights' abuse, poverty, disease and oppression.
You know what? i will not get into this today, talking about this country makes me sick.

I am seriously failing my Economics class. my professor does not take crap. i went to see him to ask for an opportunity to make up for the test i banged, the man looked at me from behind his crooked spectacles and told me that if indeed i had read, i would have passed because he set one of the easiest tests he has ever set.
I read....seriously....for two hours before the test.

My love life is on hiatus. i did not call Ibinabo and I think that he is thinking that he is teaching me a lesson by not calling or sending me money. I am not concerned. In fact I am releived. i have to think long nad hard about my life. One of my friends who has an aristo- even though he is in his fifties and Ibinabo is in his thirties- just had an abortion. I know without a doubt that if I get pregnant, I ma getting rid of it but must i be in a position where I am at risk to that.
I was gisting with my friends infront of the Student union Building, waiting for the shuttle and this girl and her friends work by. They are O.K-ly dressed. My friend, Jide says, "Men, that girl trips me men. U guys know that she has had the highest in Engineering since she was a Jambite?" He then tells us that she was one of the students that came in with a Jamb scholarship (or whoever it is that awards those students who are posted on the back of the Jamb brochure N100000). Micheal who is also with us knows of her and her clique of friends and they talk about how she carries herself and how one boy said that he had to rehearse what he waanted to say to her before he did. We were all laughing as Micheal tried to imitate the boy but I was thinking, who thinks that highly of me amongst the people that I know to put alot of thought into what they want to say to me before they do. I knwo people who are in 'brotherhoods', 'sisterhoods'; people who are club boys, girls like me who have an older man that spends a great deal of money on them and with whom they occassionally have good sex. Most of my friends, with the way we are going will barely squeak thorugh graduation with a second class lower.
Where am I headed? What do people whisper when I walk by?