Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mikhaila's proposal

"You have to help me get to where I need to be. I kind of gave him the impression that I knew what I was doing and now he thinks that once I get the position, I know what to do."
In her desperation, she was talking too fast and Souman was trying his best to not only follow her side of the conversation but also process the information she was passing on.

"Why would you lie about a thing like that?" he had to ask.

She bit back on her statement and had the good graces to look a bit ashamed. "I really wanted it so I..."

Souman sighed. It was not her fault. She was not the first person that he knew who was trying their darnedest to be where she was trying to go. And it seemed that she had somehow led Martineau to believe that she deserved to be there.

"Do you know what you are asking me to do?" he asked her again because he was quite sure that she didn't.

"Yes," she nodded profusely, her long braids swinging back and forth in their high ponytail, "you have to help me." then she arched an eyebrow, "or are you helping someone else?"

He returned the look, "Maybe"

"Souman," she sighed, moving closer, her breast brushing against the sides of his arm, "Please Souman..."

Even though he sighed and feigned irritation, he knew that he would give in and give her what she wanted. He also knew that with all his help, she would not look back even for a second once she was within Martineau's grasp. And yet, what could he do. He was helpless against Mikhaila. He was even grateful she had only asked for what she had asked for because he knew that had she asked for more and the impossible, he would have given it to her.

Thus began their sessions for two months. She would come over after classes and he would coach her for four hours. Initially, it was for twice a week but towards the end, it was almost everyday. Everything he knew, he taught her and she was a quick and effective learner. Sometimes, when he watched her replay something he has shown her, he was no longer sure if indeed she was the novice she had claimed to be.

The last time they met, she was quiet. And so was he. Things had changed. He was now angry at himself for having invested so much time and effort because for her, it had been only been about the sessions but for him, it had been so much more.

"Thanks so much Souman." she whispered, her small voice floating from behind the veil of her hair to caress his ear. It hit him like a slap. Tensing he moved away so his thigh was not touching hers.

"When do you meet with Martineau?" He knew he should not ask but the words left his lips before he could stop himself.

"Tomorrow at nine..." she rubbed her eyes, "Funny, I was so looking forward to it."

"And?" he asked, his ears perking up, hope causing his heart to jump in his chest.

"I....I...." she shrugged and never finished her sentence. And that was how they left it as she got up, got dressed and left.

He did not know why he had suddenly been paralysed with misery. It had suddenly enveloped him and crippled him to his bed. Work, he did not get to not; fortunately it was a weekend. He just lay in bed, clothed in his boxers and the memories of Mikhaila.

He remembered how the first time, when he had taken her as carefully as he could she had taken a sharp breath and then quickly covered her mouth as if in apology. He had had to kiss her fingers away, coaxing her to relax and focus on his lips until he could begin to move and take her with him where passion was leading. Or the smile on her face the first time she made him scream his incoherent release against the contracting muscles of her throat. He remembered everything. Every gasp, every moan, every touch, every chuckle, whisper and soft scream. He even remembered the time she had been laughing so hard that she had farted and how he had laughed himself silly at the mortified expression on her face.

He remembered it all. As well as the fact that the only reason she had come to him was because she had lied to Martineau that she so much more sexually aware than she was. From the corner of his eye, the green lights on the digital clock said that she was probably continuing that lie with a very convincing performance. He curled up on his side and tried to go to sleep.

Her cold hands on his back propelled him awake. Her eyes blinked back from him from behind a screen of braids.

"What are you doing here?" he looked at the clock. He had only been asleep for thirty minutes.

She shrugged and moved to take peel her jacket off her small shoulders. The lace of her corset peeked out at him.
"You know you did not lock the front door. Has it been like that since I left?" She asked.
He nodded.
She took off all her clothes except for her panties and crawled beneath the sheets with her back to him.
"I did not go to him." she whispered, "just in case you are wondering."
He nodded and pulled her form against him, burying his face in her hair with gratitude.
"I propose you never do." he said to her.
"I agree" she replied.


bumight said...

what was he coaching her in? te karma sutra? or is my mind just dirty?

the suspense was heightened but not overwhelming. i have learnt something reading this.

Anonymous said...

there's a somewhat sordid side to this.. and yet it's so sweet. *sigh.

scribble, said...

u have to be my favorite blogger...when's the book release? :p

AlooFar said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Naapali said...

Cat strut; how are you? hope you are well and school is going well.

Waffarian said...

Sweet!!! is the only word that comes to it...but I am a sucker for happy endings...and love...and romance...and...ah! lovely things!

Anonymous said...

Although I don't fully understand this, I really appreciate ur writing. I'll have to come back and read it again.

Mz. Dee said...

why hasnt my ass been here b4??

Off to blogroll ya.. i'm addicted.

TinTin said...

ok u need to teach me how to write like this!!!

lurve it!

Allied said...

You and these your names.. Oga!!

I like it... no i love it. eventhough, there is something not right how been taught how to have sex..

Jobs in Nigeria said...

i like this , beautiful story, beautiful layout..

this is the best blog i've seen so far.

badderchic said...


havent been here in a bit, how you dey?

nice one o!

Parakeet said...

Do you guys take novel writing classes or what. Fantastic!

Now this is pure lust!

ibiluv said...

karma sutra coaching..........

me sef i need me a teacher........

Anonymous said...

impressive...I dont know y from the very start I kinda sensed the direction...


Tisha said...

mikhaila must have liked him and played a fast one
happy she came back
she seduced him...