Sunday, January 06, 2008

Part 1 & 2

Part I

It means nothing.

It means nothing.

It is just tremors that overtake your heartbeat and convulse you to a release

It is just a steady hand gripping the flesh of your thighs in a silent instruction of how and when to move

It is only sounds of words incoherent and yet most understood

It is only texts and emails that help to set the mood

It is only skin that tastes of man and sweat and cologne and heated promises

It is only the steady rhythm of probing thrusts

It is only the crippling guilt of exchanged looks as he chats away blissfully unaware

It is only the turmoil of a horribly kept secret.

It means nothing.

And neither will the next time.

Part II
Abeni sits
Abeni sits outside
Abeni sits outside because
Abeni sits outside because she
Abeni sits outside because she cannot
Abeni sits outside because she cannot go
Abeni sits outside because she cannot go inside

Abeni is
Abeni is scared
Abeni is scared to
Abeni is scared to go
Abeni is scared to go and
Abeni is scared to go and beg
Abeni is scared to go and beg Kajola
Abeni is scared to go and beg Kajola to forgive her because she has embarassed Kajola

You see
You see Abeni
You see Abeni thought
You see Abeni thought Kajola
You see Abeni thought Kajola was
You see Abeni thought Kajola was cheating on her with her best friend Motun

So Abeni
So Abeni went
So Abeni went to
So Abeni went to Motun's
So Abeni went to Motun's house
So Abeni went to Motun's house with
So Abeni went to Motun's house with "awon boys" to burn the new car that Abeni believed Kajola had just bought for his mistress

It turned out
That the car was for Abeni
And Kajola had parked it in Motun's house
In preparation for Abeni's fortieth

The fire
The fire damaged
The fire damaged part
The fire damaged part of the house

Motun is
Motun is not
Motun is not amused
Motun is not amused and neither is her boyfriend who had helped Kajola get the deal on the car.

So Abeni
So Abeni sits
So Abeni sits outside
So Abeni sits outside because
So Abeni sits outside because she
So Abeni sits outside because she cannot
So Abeni sits outside because she cannot go inside.


little miss me said...

hmm,interesting.crazy how our emotions blind our logic.

La Reine said...


Hengish said...

Thats really cool.

Thanks for leaving a msg on my page but you just can't say mixed up and fade like that now. You have to elaborate on it.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ugo Daniels said...

As for part I, i totally disagree. It's DEFINITELY something when you look at it from a deeper perspective. Personal opinion, nonetheless

...Happy New Year!

Anonymous said... do u do it?Happy New Year.

UnNaked Soul said...

somewhere between the beginning and the end lies a meaning, albeit short-lived. Not entirely nothing.

wonderfully done...

can't see through Part II

stuck in my throat o said...

i love
i love the
i love the way
i love the way you
i love the way you told
i love the way you told the
i love the way you told the tale.

guerreiranigeriana said...

damn you stuck in my throat o!!...stole my idea;0... never cease to amaze...wonderful...i loved the way you wrote it...i loved the rock...

Me said...

How can it all mean nothing?
That is a lie!

Jaybabe said...


Kiibaati said...

U make me stutter

Queen of My Castle said...

Part I reminds me of many nights of guilty pleasure. As for Part II, speechless

Jinta said...

already forgotten abeni, i like part 1.

Owumi said...

I loved the rhythm of Part II... loved loved loved it!

Are Part I and Part II related?

At the risk of sounding like I'm analyzing it like literature in English for SSCE... could it be that he really was cheating on her afterall... yes the car was for Abeni but still, there was something going on? And now Abeni sits outside while K and M convince themselves it meant nothing?

akin said...

very interesting read, if i may say so...

bumight said...

why does Part II sound like a page from Queen Premier. Lol, you remember those books:
I go up
Up I go
Will you go up
Up we go
Lol, me likey!!!

Zena said...
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princesa said...

@bumight, exactly how I felt!
Part II reminded me those ‘Queen premier’ books we read as kids.
“A cat
A cat sat
A fat cat sat
A fat cat sat on a mat”

Atutupoyoyo said...

I love
I love Cat
I love Cat because
I love Cat because she
I love Cat because she writes
I love Cat because she writes gems

Bravo on ptII but I prefer I. I was slightly aroused.

Afrobabe said...

stuck in my throat o has copied my response...or the way I tot to respond..or the way I tot to respond when I saw that response...

InCogNaija said...

uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!! Abeni don fuck up!! its amazing how blinded we get smtimes by emotions.

Me Likey! good job

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Little Miss Me: Yes they do. We always have to be cool, calm and collected. Or you will make rash decisions...

La Reine: Thanks

Hengish: lol. Will visit your blog but u better have updated.

UgoD: It always means something

Anonymous: With your help of course...same to you

Unnaked: to see through Part II, u have to read it dear

Stuck in my throat: Thanks a lot

Guerriranigeria (I am sure that is not the spelling but I cannot go back and check)...thanks jare

Me: It sometimes means nothing to some people. It always means something to me

Jaybabe:Wow to you too

Queen of my castle: talk true...which corners have you been skulking about in? ehn?

Kiibati: r...r...rrr...reall...really?

Boda Jinta: LMAO. What I always wait for are your comments. You are the only one that all my posts are about...forgive Abeni now, is it because she does not really know what's up with you and....?

Owumi: This is why u always did well in school...u look beyond the surface...and who knows? We all see what we see

Akin: ki lo n sele? how u dey?

Bumight: so u're back in town...where is my package? and yes Go Queen's Premier. Children of nowadays cannot read...

Princessa: U!!! lol I do remember those days of dodging Iya Catwalq's spatula as I tried to conquer ABCs

Afrobabe: lol. but u did respond. u did respond the way you wanted. U did respond the way you wanted to repond.

Atutu: *chuckle* howzitgwan? Muah

Incognaija: was she really blinded or could what she had seen disappeared when she blinked? nice to meet you though

Andy said...

Good stuff! How did u get the idea?

CresceNet said...

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Ms. emmotions said...

made me feel like having ,.................

well i didnt say anything o


Allied said...

Part 1 - It always means something. If it didn’t we would not analyze it.

Part 2 - trust, jealousy, patient and anger. Abeni might have accidentally fuel was she was set to destroy. Kajola and Motun will now see they have a chance.

Anonymous said...

thats not even funny meyn

30+ said...


Trust you had a good one.

Take Care

Nyemoni said...

Girl griend you are a trip I tell you! Whoa! Nice one...reminds me of something I used to do in my childhood with my name like this



Lighty said...

u sure av ur ways kitty-cat... happy new year to u.

and did abeni finally go inside???

Naapali said...

Just when I was wondering what happened to the Academies u went and dropped this one.

Liked both. nothing is without meaning though we may not know what the meaning or its significance is.

As for Abeni, she should stay away from matches.

Zephi said...

LMAO..I should not be laughing, sometimes assumptions and insecurity can be a bitch...poor abeni
How the hell do you come up with shit like this..

N.I.M.M.O said...


This really got me thinking.

You mean no matter how many times, it means nothing?

LO at Abeni.

mack said...

dalmn good.

Insanely thoughtful and artistically inscribed.


Rayo said...

Hmm...SNAP SNAP!!! Btw, love the new (is it new?) layout.

Honeywell said...

All i can say is that you have some serious talent....some very serious talent.....

A.D. said...

wow...I loved it! Great job