Saturday, September 01, 2007

I want my mummy (Catwalq Academie behind the scenes)

I have been in bed for two days. Running a high fever.
I want my mummy.
Then Yosh...,
Unnaked and then
Jaja, you can make me some correct peppersoup...
*sniff* *cough* *hackle*
And Laspapi, I need a good movie to watch
Then Overwhelmed will come and make noise and raise my temperature.
Because he lurves me so much, Yosh will put her out.
Kpakpando will stop by with some oyinbo type medicine that I will hide and pretend to swallow.
Toyintomato will come with conc-est agbo her grandmother could concoct.
Idemmili will bring me erotic reading material but she will not make it upstairs to my room because she would have bumped into Ubong Da and the tow would have disppeared.
Ugo D will send me a card.
Fatoumatta will call from SA and MTN will drop the line.
Unnaked and Atutu will go at it as each vies for a space at either side of my bed.
Yosh, will look up from his book, shake his head and tell them to be quiet.
Omodudu will stop by and tell me to get off my arse.
Fine Boy will not come until the whole thing has passed as he has abandoned blogville
Naija Politriks, Blogger General and UKNaija will get into it. Jeremy will stop by for a while and go off about the state of health care in the country.
After, I collect his Bournvita and Lucozade, I will ask Atutu and Unnaked to put him out.
They will happily oblige me.
Bibi wouldn't mind.
Waffarian will send me some peppersoup that Porter DeHarcourt will deliver...with six pieces of meat missing.
BabaAlaye will make sure that NEPA does not take light so that the air condition will cool my body.
Then I will cry cos usually that's how I reach the end of my illness. Everyone will freak out and think something serious is wrong.
My mother will hiss and direct Yosh and Atutu (cos Unnaked has gone to toast some chick) to carry me to the bathroom. They will drop me into the bath filled with cold water. i will scream and my mother will hold me down. Then I will be pulled out and cleaned and towelled dry.
By then, the bed has been remade and new teddy-bear patterned nighty presented.
My mummy helps me into them and gives me a new pair of yellow socks.
I am sniffling and telling her that when my daddy comes, I will tell him. I am going to report everybody and everyone is going to be sorry
Then everyone starts to leave one by one until...
only mummy remains.
I want my mummy...
and even though I love you guys to sege...
I want my mummy.


100%Lighty said...

Now don't you like some good pampering?
lol @ waffarain would bring some pepper soup with 4 pieces of meat missing.

catty u're a funny!

Atutupoyoyo said...

Aww my poor Cat. O ya wish peppersoup u want? Today we haf:

Panla, 404, J5, Ese-eran, shaki, pomo, ahan, chicken, catfish, periwinkle, kidney or liver. Ara-eran no dey but you can shek tomorrow.

Get well soon...

Anonymous said...

jaja and his peppersoup-ic desires self... lol.. and why do i always have to be the noisemaker.. i promise i was very very quiet in high school... lmfao@conc-est agbo.. toyintomato is always displaying razz behaviour in class... haha... im glad i'n sooo posh.. hehe

Andy said...

With all the spoiling, you still want your mummy.
Na waaah oooh

akin aworan said...

Puele.. i fit mak you pepe soup...

Arewa said...

lol..kpele oooh....all these people rallying around to care for u..ei u lucky oh!

TaureanMinx said...

I haven't deserted you oh, I will update but not as often. Besides you can always view my pictures.This catwalq academie is still mind bogling lol.

30+ said...

Are you sure it is mummy you really realy want because the proportion of blokes in this post suggests otherwise. You alone in the middle of so many brothers, 'fess up jo.

Kpele sha

Sparkle said...

and what will I be doing d whole time?
kai didn't I make d audition?

Ugo Daniels said...

Aaaaaargh, so na just card i dey good for...*sobs*

Carlang said...

Mummy muummy,
Catwalq calling,
she wants pampering,
to be called your darling.


funny post.
I'm forcd to agree with 30+.
With all the guys in the mix..
are you sure you really want mummy?

יש (Yosh) said...

Considering this was written up while you were fighting off your fever is interesting!

I'd have made you some tongue-razing-nose-running p.soup, but the distance...

Hope you're better now sha and rode the fever!

*kissin u better.

Manda said...

lol, loving this whole catwalq acadamie thingy... u like attention o!

Nyemoni said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...Mama catwalq is here!

Jezi Brown said...

aww! i cant relate but aww!

Baroque said...

abeg, na who & who carry you go bathroom, give you turkish bath?
...easy girl, dont be sick oh...your mama's there to look after her baby...peace

Teediva said...

what of me what of me?????? *sob sob*

pamelastitch said...

We go through those stages.....

we all want mummy too!!!


hope you feel better soon

catwalq said...

@100%: it was porter de harqourt that was sent to deliver it o.

@AtutuP: Taink u o. taink u. Hy know dat once u har in sharge, dia is no more shaking.

@Overwhelmed:u, quiet? so u keep saying. comot joo

@Andy: mummy is the best

@akin aworan: thanks jare. I want isi ewu pepper soup.

@arewa: yeah, I am loved

@Taureanminx: thanks for small mercies. i was thinking you had packed and followed your blog husband out of blogville

@30+: ehm, ehm, ehm, ehm....

@Sparkle: u will be praying...u were there. u were there

@Ugo; but the gesture is big boy now. haba

@Carlang: like i said to 30+, ehm, ehm, ehm, ehm...

@Yosh: I promise I wasn't faking. My xoxox, I want it here, here, here....

@Manda: yes i do

@Nyemoni: yes mummy

@Jezi Brown: it's a flu induced thing. I understand.

@Baroque: i love my mummy o. the people in the bathroom, Atutu and Yosh. Yosh is my darling. Atutu and I are having an affair. i don't think he knows

@tee diva: it was probably that Unnaked was chasing after that he left me in my weak state...tsk, tsk tsk and u will be playing holy holy

@Pamelasticth:Thanks, I am back on my feet. Was in bed for two days.

princesa said...

Catwalq! Only you!!!
Eh ya, if only i was there shey i for give you the princesa's royal go just get up kia kia even ur mummy sef you go forget!

Oracle said...

Nice work.

Catwalq, i don't understand the comment you dropped me.


Ummmh, what am I doing here! lawl!...Anywayz sha, next time holla for some fresh fish pepper soup. Dat will knock your fever out one time. Stay well!

Kpakpando said...

this girl, I would not bring u oyinbo medicine, I'd bring you bitter leaf tea :)

Jaja said...

Kai! Am late...
U don well?

Anyway.. You know the kin' pepper soup i fit arange na? Assorted and all that..

And of course the foot rub.

Rayo said...

Why am I never mentioned in these things? Did I not bring you theraflu? lol

NikkiSab said...

Sorry!!! U wan make i do isi ewu for u? Sorry u hear, hope u get well soon!!!

Rinsola said...

Do you have your mummy now? pele o

Ekoakete said...

Get well soon!

laspapi said...

I'm sorry I came in late with the movie, catwalq. Got mugged on the way to the videomart.

But don't worry. We'll make our own movie.

My 2 cents said...

Pele love, I had a bad cold this past weekend. I wanted something else, not necessarily my mummy.

She would screamed for me to stop being lazy and a damn baby and get to work or some chore. Yeah, that's my mother,miss her much too.

Allied said...

eya pele.. Mummy is coming

diary of a G said...

pampered like a baby

UnNaked Soul said...

pele dear.
where's my cookie
we have one fight to settle
I dey ring dey wait
I've got gloves
come unDressed


Idemili said...

Why do I never seem to do anything useful? Booohoohoo! I make good catfish peppersoup.

Idemili said...

@ Las: UGH! That comment sounds sooo wrong.