Monday, June 28, 2010

Nights and Days: Summer Heat recaps

Stating that summer is here is quite redundant at the moment; the heat makes sure you never forget even if for certain periods, you may be ensconsced in the comfort of an air conditioned space. The heat lets you know that summer is here, barely clad women of varying shapes, sizes and fashion sense let you know summer is here and the movie theatre's constant line ups of comedies and exposion-heavy action flicks pander to the change in weather.

So that's why, I dragged myself to the movies. The last time I was there, I had earned myself a free film and with great flourish, I presented my coupon to the person at the ticket to redeem my prize only to be told in the LOUDEST of voices that my free ticket voucher was not valid for new releases; that I had to wait another two weeks to use it. I looked at the girl, looked at the long line of bored Caucasians watching me without looking at me, hisses inwardly and forked out the $8.00 to see Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in KNIGHT & DAY.

Now, I am not particularly a fan of Tom Cruise. I am always suspicious of an actor that is way too good looking and ALWAYS plays the GOOD GUY. And one cannot help but forget him trying out for Cirque Du Freak on Oprah's Couch. But I could not help watching him with a healthy dose of longing.

The man is fiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneeeeeeee.

One more time: The man is finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder what I would do if a man that looked like that suddenly thought the sun rose and set on my head. Would I even hear anything that comes out of his mouth, or would I be staring at him with my mouth agape and drooling.

I won't even be jealous if other women are staring because, let us face it, who wouldn't.

To me, he is just one of those people that make you marvel at God's Work. Like, a sunset of even a smiling, toothless infact. He is visually perfect.

The movie? That is another issue. I cannot even tell you what it was about because I zoned out too many times. There was no theme that I had not seen before, except maybe that Cameron Diaz was not a silly, clumsy chick all the time. There was one scene where she threw a punch and I was like, "Chineke!!!!"...cos that joint looked like it rearranged/damaged some brain cells on the guy.

That was how I spent one of my Summer Days. I will be keeping you posted.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer...the time for love....or just plain, blistering heat

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's 10:51 pm

...and I am a good thirty minutes walk from my apartment, having dragged my already weary bones out in search of a place to connect to free internet. I went to about four places, each of which was just closing and as a final resort, I walked into Tryst in Adams Morgan and plopped myself down on one of their soft couches, ordered an overpriced smoothie and spent almost twenty minutes trying to connect to their internet. My lovely vista laptop did not fail to usual, what everyone else was doing with ease was giving me drama. For the life of me, I could not connect.

So, I paid for the lousy was one of those healthy kinds that taste like laughter fled the kitchen...packed up my gear and trudged out once more into the warm DC night.

Went into a used book store... no show

walked into a Sake show...shouldn't have since I was in flip flops and faded work out clothing...

Then, someone said to me "Try Cali Yogurt"

I had passed it by, not wanting to go in with my weakness for frozen yogurt but now, I was a bit desperate. I had alot of work to do, no internet connection at home and no clear time frame on when I could change that. In fact, it was an attempt to change that, that was pushing me, i went in.

Purchased a 5 oz original recipe, with mango pieces as toppings....

Took a bite...

and felt like someone had knocked me back to Kaduna

Flashback Catwalq Moment: My mum used to travel to the north quite a bit and she would try to bring us fresh, sweet yogurt when she came back. Also, I had been in Kaduna at some point, attending an Eckankar seminar and spent most of the time, gouging myself on fresh northern yogurt...

Back to now: It's a taste you have to have had to know what I am talking about...that fresh yogurt taste...tangy and sweet...not the nonsense that Yoplait packages for you or Activia tries to scare you into buying by implying that you will be constantly constipated if you don't have, I mean, fresh, sweet yogurt....topped with sweet, RIPE, mango...

I think I'll have another...

It's a Monday....

and I have had a fight, a meal and a worry. I am so in need of a vacay!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am in love

People, meet Ricardo Darin. Argentinean veteran actor starring in the award winning cinematic beauty, The Secret in Their Eyes. All I can say, is yes, Ben-hah-meen, I am yours...forget Irene.
Go see it and tell me what you think


I am on a quest to kick my current dependence on food as a pick-me-up. I think there can be a healthy way of enjoying good cuisine without my gut hanging over my belt buckle. For once, I would like to reach for an item in my wardrobe and not worry of it will still pass over my man-like shoulders which always seem to be expanding at the rate of the current oil spill in the gulf...

Friday, June 11, 2010

The world through our eyes

picture from here
I was returning from a guilt-laden trip to Bed Bath & beyond where i had picked up a pack of my current addiction, Tazo Passion Tea when i saw something that both amused and humbled me at the same time.

A little girl of about four was walking with her mother through the mall and they go to the escalators. She panicked for a few seconds as she tried to understand how to place her foot on the first step without falling down as the steps, which would be considered a moving nuisance by some, moved on its automated way. She clutched at her mother, who took her hand in a vice like grip to stabilise her stance, lest she go flying. The little girl tried again, each time not quite so sure of her self. This all was just a couple of seconds but already a line was beginning to form and irritation was beginning to appear on the faces of those who could not seem to believe the audacity of a four year old who was confused and disoriented by an escalator. Finally, her mother sensing that the lesson on overcoming her fear of moving objects would have to wait another time, lifted her in one fell swoop and carried her the rest of the way. And the little girl, held on to her mother for dear life. But she did not take her eyes off the escalator steps.

I imagined what they looked like to her; or what the world looked like either.

It took me back years when I hated sitting in my mother's mazda because it was a small car. Then, we lived in Benin City in Ugbowo Estate, which was across from the University of Benin, an illustrious institution whose front gates were some kind of automobile depot because all kinds of cars were either zooming past, turning in or parked out there. Any time, my mother waited at the intersection to make a turn into the campus, I would have small panic attacks because I was convinced that her car was so small and that people would not see us there. Or that the wind from speeding trucks would lift us into the air and into our next incarnations. Everything was huge and fast and crazy looking.

I pinch myself sometimes when I can cross a street in just a few strides because when I was little, I would run across, convinced that the road was so wide that I would not be able to reach the other side in time.

I remember sitting in my father's reading chair to measure how close to the floor, my feet were because that meant I was growing and that when I sit, my scrawny legs would not be poking over the edge.

When we are little, things are sometimes alarming and when I say little, I don't mean just your physical size, it can also be your outlook on life. When you feel like circumstances or experiences dwarf your abilities, you panic and flail and it all seems crazy. But there is always someone who has your hand. That someone (whoever you believe that to be), waits a it to see if you have the hang of it and if you do, you triumph and move on and if you don't, that person lifts you up over the issue; with the knowledge that you will still have to learn your lesson but next time, hopefully you will have other experiences under your belt that the speed of an escalator would be minute in comparison.

Take the time, to appreciate how far you have come. Remember, there was once a time, when you were no larger than a loaf of bread....but look at you now....

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This song has been on constant replay for two days straight because this is how I am feeling....

Friday, June 04, 2010

Reel Speak: Human- Alien conflict

picture from here.

As a developing filmmaker, I do find myself in conversations with other creative minds on the content that is either out there, or presenting itself. One such conversation that I had recently was on this recurrent theme when it comes to aliens in western movies.

Anytime there is a non-human presence, two things seem to be the only option that the writers can fathom: 1)the aliens are weak, broken, fleeing catastrophe and stumble on earth. we initially declare them enemies and then we realise that there is no need to and so we figure out a way to send them on their way before some mad scientist/government group tries to experiment on them. Then we congratulate our humanity for having gotten "rid" of the "foreigners" in a "humane" way. Or
2) They have come to invade and humankind is in a race against time to save itself from the invasion of the heartless, exploitative inhuman invaders.

The two lines of thought do make for interesting projects as seen over the years with the many blockbuster hits that line DVD shelves. For once however, can someone imagine a scenario where the aliens are not even remotely interested in us; that they were "passing by" and then stopped to "find out" what we were. Then, having dsicerned that well, we were just another lifeform entitled to its existence, they went on with their busy day.

The human consciousness tends to imagine that humans are the most important thing there are; assuming that humans were created to dominate all other things out there. It is arrogant to imagine that an entire solar system was created so "we" could explore and colonise for our use and advancement; such is the motivation behind explorations to Mars where scientists argue that it could be an alternate habitat for humans after we screw up the earth.

It will be so interesting to see the ass whooping that will come about when humans land on mars, having assumed that nothing lived there only to find that its inhabitants are possibly not in forms visible to the naked, human eye but more on a subconscious, psycho-spiritual level.

Don't you think that might make an amazing script instead of the "War of The Worlds"/ "V" scenarios?