Monday, April 25, 2011

Nigerian E-passport

For those Nigerians who are not aware, all previous passports will be obsolete as from the end of this month and to travel or identify yourself as a citizen, you will need the new government issue passport.

I had to go to New York to apply for the passport even though I live in Washington DC where our consulate occupies prime land on Embassy row...but that is a story for another day. In any case, upon the request of a colleague, I am posting the steps I took to get the passport. For US only.

1. Visit

2. Click on APPLY ONLINE. It is at the top of the page.

The link will redirect you to

3. Click on E-PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM. It is on the second block of information under the heading PASSPORT

4. The link will take you to a page "Apply for New passport"

Select "Standard e-passport" from the drop down menu and then the "issuing country" from the drop down menu, which in this case, I am going to assume is the US

5. You will be taken to another site, where you will be asked if you want to log in using google.

I did and then I logged in and filled the necessary information on the form

6. After you fill the form, you will be told that you cannot pay for the passport online. You will however be given a reference number and customer ID. You will then go purchase a $65 money order (unless the price changes) and mail it to:


US50 Albany TurnpikeCanton, CT 06019

Your confirmation page upon the first leg of completing the document will tell you what information to include in the money order.

7. No, there is no number to call them. There is an email on the site. And only God knows who won that contract.

8. Send your money order through registered mail.

9. The money order goes to Connecticut and someone there processes the payment and you receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: your appointment date at the embassy will be included in the email somewhere.

10. then you show up the day of your appointment, pray before going so that you are at your most gracious and patient.

Take with you: a) a $20.00 money order addressed to the "Consulate of Nigeria"

b) your old passport

c) the printed page of your receipt confirmation

d) the printed page of your appointment confirmation

11. At the embassy, even if you get there early, passport processing begins at 10 am prompt. The lady who handles this is very efficient at starting at exactly 10 am .

12. Have fun and see you around somewhere representing the Eagles.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Calling Nigerians and all lovers of Naija! Need pictures asap!

I am working on a small production and need your help with some pictures of the following asap! I would appreciate high res pictures but if you can't then, please by all means take them with your phones and please email me with your full name so that I can include it in the credits of the project. Email please include in the subject line: Naija Pics (what your picture is about) Example: Naija Pics (Okada) Body of email: Name: Lagbaja Omolomo I need images for: Food: all traditional dishes (please remember to include names) Snacks: Fan Yogo, Okin Biscuit, gogo, sisi pelebe, chocomilo, baba dudu, coaster biscuit, goody goody, coke, eyin alangba, alata biscuit, Fashion: Gele, full outfits for men, women and children Literature: Fiction and non fiction Text books from back in the day: NOEC, Ababio etc Landmarks: any one where you are Lagos: third mainland bridge, 3 masquerades at toll gate, makoko, VI, Ojuelegba, Alade market, Totota Building, Things happening: Go-slow, people hawking, police men at work, vendors, bus stops, Iconic images: beat up cars, (public transport: okada, danfo, taxis etc), bumper stickers, graffiti on lorries, buildings, magazines, Living things: The good, the bad and the ugly Also, I am looking for MP3/ avi clips of music from veteran artists (1975-2000) : Shina Peters (circa 1992), Mike Okri, Esse Agese, Sunny Ade, Bright Chimeze, Sunny Okosun (pre-evangelist years), IK Dairo, Orlando Owoh, one Edo guy like this whose name escapes me, The Matadors, Christie, Onyeka Onwenu, Maintain (pre-the split), Remedies etc I really appreciate your help and look forward to your participation! Thanks