Monday, November 09, 2009

Something I heard this morning

Today on the radio, I heard a story on the Kane Show that just amazed me: A guy met this girl through an online dating service for Jewish singles and they met for a date. At the end of the date, the girl offered to pay for her own part of the meal to which the guy declined offering instead the option that he pay for the first date and she pay for the second. Date is over, they part and two weeks later, the girl has not called (even though, it is not that clear who said they would call whom) and what does the guy do? He threatens to sue the girl and go over her head to her boss and garnish her wages for her to return the $50.00!!!!!! that he spent on her meal. He has involed American express and the diner where they ate and left messages on her phone and in her email inbox.

Now, she responds to the initial email saying that she had intended to call but had been out of town and that now that he had turned this into something ugly, she wanted no more correspondence with him. The woman struck me from all her responses (written) to be calm, self assured and in control of her life and not someone to be easily bullied by an irate baby unable to deal with rejection.

My issues:
1. Is he not aware that amount of money that it will cost him to fight this in court--where he will most likely loose and end up an even bigger shmuck than he is--will me much, much, much more than $50.00?

2. Like a caller into the show asked, if he so badly wanted to go on the second date, why did he not call her and ask her out?

3. Is rejection now too much to handle? What about those who could not even get a first date? This is not the first time I am seeing something like this. Granted the first time was on a TV show but it got me thinking, do some people think that people they ask out are obligated to like you or want to spend time with you?

4. Is $50.00 too much to spend on a girl? or a boy?

5. What is the protocol for naija dating?

Tell me what you think and what you heard...


Anonymous said...

What a cheapskate and a bully. She should send him his money and be glad to be done with him

Shubby Doo said...
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Shubby Doo said...

he is a
1) deranged muppet - scare tactics re: trying to sue her for fifty bucks - judge judy woulda thrown his ass outta court!
2) unscrupulous fiend - she was supposed to call back cos of gratitude but his intentions weren’t genuine. so glad she didn’t get round to it cos he showed his true colours
3) self-deprecating wanker - nuff said!
4) cheapskate - nope $25 for my share of dinner is not too much...nor is it too is the sentiment behind the gesture that counts...but if you cannot pay that pass out jare!


5) i dont have anything bad to say about my first dates with naija dudes. the guys usually always pay but i tend to have enough money to cover us just in case

Temie said...

I think technically she broke an agreement.
and while he might have overreacted. Breaking agreements in love relationship should have consequences as well...I am just saying.

Anonymous said...

@temie - it was a first relationship doesn’t come into it! Yes…an agreement is an agreement but contracts are usually very specific about the payment terms and the payback period and the penalties if one is usually allowed to offer a workable solution to rectify the matter if the conditions of contract are breached

i honestly don’t think $50 was the pay back he actually wanted...a gentleman does not suddenly change into a mean spirited snake cos he didn’t get a call's all ego...$50 and a bout of harassment will satisfy his ego but the real fact remains his mojo is worthless…has been publicly ditched to the curb becos of his behaviour! Stupid thing is the idiot just exposed his own yansh jare!

Penny pinching doesn’t pay!

N.I.M.M.O said...

The guy is just a penny-pinching idiot. Even if babe no gree your own, na by force?

5. Naija guys no dey carry last. the protocol is simple:

On the first date, he pays.

If there's a second date, he pays.

And if there's a third, you cook.

Any problems with that?

chayoma said...


good thing it happened after the first date. she got to see his true colors....

Enkay said...

He's just looking for cheap publicity.

Silly guy. mscheeeww!

Omobolanle said...

..Normally, when I go to dinner with a guy I'm just getting to know, I offer to split the bill. It just seems like the polite thing to do. If he insists on carrying the bill on his head, na him sabi.

When court is in session he had better attend and be willing to foot all the legal bills.

Cheap something. Mscheeew.

If she didn't call, he should have. That way, he would know where things are. Second date, or to just nip it in the bud.

Ms. Catwalq said...

I see I was not the only one thinking the way I did.

Nimmo: I fully endorse your protocol. I will however one-up you. Date three, I cook. Date four: so do you...

Anonymous said...


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