Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey Cattie, where have you been?

1. To Minneapolis to see my fellow Eckists. Hello peeps, it is the Year of Creativity, a new spiritual year and a time for us to shake up our lives with the gift of our creative minds...who's with me? I plan to enjoy this year as much as possible. In fact, I have officially declared Catwalq Dating Season open.

2. Moved away from my base temporarily and I am in the township that public transportation forgot. But that is only temporary because I will be back in my mojo as soon as possible. Things are already looking up.

3. Have a couple projects up my sleeve...can't wait.

4. Have to fix my template because in my quest for a new identity, me thinks I deleted some of the information and now i have to go input it once more...i don tire o

5. So what have you all been up to?


ibiluv said...

wish you God's speed with dating season..........

chayoma said...

Dating season? Officially open? Haa i didnt get any invites oh, abi this one na OPEN TO ALL !

My dear, i've been good. Busy but tryna keep ma head up!

bArOquE said...

did you say Dating or Mating Season?...hmmm, someone's gonna get some sugar *wink*

Mogaji said...

I knew one Eckist family back home. They had three cute boys (the first was my fave a bookworm type, he actually read Hardy and Balzac - intelligence is sooo darn sexy).
Anyway, my staunch Baptist family considered all Eckists evil. Even the patriarch of said family treating grandma when she had a stroke did not change that view.
That will be all on random, irrelevant excerpts from Mogaji's early life.

Vera Ezimora said...

Catwalq is now dating?? Yippee!! Gurl... I've been meaning to ask you out. *wink, wink*

On that note, Baroque needs to get his butt kicked. I'll do it for you.

Ms. Catwalq said...

@Mogaji: And what do you know about Eckists now?

Vera Ezimora: oya ask na

temmy tayo said...

Vera: you are two timming. Cattie, don't mind her