Monday, June 18, 2007


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mummy will say to daddy, "please could you help me get some tomatoes on your way back?" and daddy would say "yes" and turn up a few hours later with two baskets of tomatoes that he bought at three times the actual price. the market women loved my dad and his beat up Volvo 240. We always had food in that house

Omo mummy got his head stuck in the buglary proof in our neighbour's flat when we went to sneak and check out what the new tenant had in his flat. I laughed so hard I wet myself

I got stung by a scorpion and daddy said that it was a spider from Kingdom Arachnida. He had the doctorate degree in the house and so many encyclopedias, so we were figured he was right until I started to feel drowsy and sleepy

Our three guava, two cashew and pitanga trees

Mummy wishing she had not waited one more day for her fat paw paw to ripen on the tree cos the next day, it was not there

throwing stones at the masquerade and having the boys chase me down with koboko. I barely made it into the house

Iya oyo's pounded yam and egusi with assorted meat

traveling three hours to get to Ikogosi Warms Spring, just so we could swim

knowing all the mountains and rivers in the country

knowing all the states and capitals.

Omo Mummy getting getting stuck in the guava tree after I told him to climb up and shake the branches. Mummy beat me something serious before she climbed up and brought Omo Mummy down by the collar of his shirt. He was six so he got only a spank. i got a thrashing so bad that it even hurt to fart

The king's market and Oja Okesha that only opened every seventh day

The cathedral with seven schools in its compound

Sweet Alagbon; u know the sweet made from coconut and wrapped in cellophane and tied in knots. looked like a string of stones

Our farm and my small garden where I grew two yams, six ears of corn and some ugu

The pineapples that did not bear fruit till we moved out, six years after they were planted

The onions that daddy planted and made us talk to ( he read somewhere that if you talk to your plants, they grow better) that never grew. I always told anyone that saw him conversing with his plants that he was my father's twin brother from lagos.

Catching Esunsun and frying. Mummy condemned the frying pan after that

Daddy telling Mummy that he was going to bring her a present and then showing up later with some dead wild animal. U should have heard her reaction the day he presented her with a dead python. he told us he'd clean it himself and we would see that it tasted just like fish. he and I sat outside to eat the "fish" and we were not allowed to bring it inside.


Confused Naija Girl said...

LOL!!!! unique memories girl!

IJEOMA said...

lol@ your dad talking to onions

Anu boy said...

WOW!!! lovely memories oh, na wa ohhhh... you guys de enjoy oh... lol, so you guys ate the snake, so how did it taste???

BlogVille Idols said...

nice and interesting

chidi said...

LOL at your dad talking to the onions. Very lovely memories!!

catwalq said...

@Confused: yeah, those days were quite pleasant
@Ijeoma: and yams, tomatoes, ugwu, pepper, corn...
@Anu Boy: it tasted like rubbery fish. Daddy just dunked the meat in the pepper paste that Solomon the night watchman had prepared for him. Solomon was this "exotic meat supplier
@Blogville Idols: yeah. I had no worries then
@Chidi: He did all sorts of things when I was growing up

יש (Yosh) said...

You sure are one rusticated chick (for your own good)...
Nice memories sha! :)

Anu boy said...

lol... rubbery fish, na wa oh.... well i dont think i wanna eat snake ohhh...

Omodudu said...

You want kill me with laughter, burglary proof ke.

BlogVille Idols said...

hey pple our contestants have sang their r n b song pls go and vote for ur favorite...pls help us make this contest succesful by voting..tanx

lovely post...ur dad was quite the man!

exschoolnerd said...

"The onions that daddy planted and made us talk to ( he read somewhere that if you talk to your plants, they grow better) that never grew. I always told anyone that saw him conversing with his plants that he was my father's twin brother from lagos." going down memory lane too.i like ur dad.

יש (Yosh) said...

what's with the "rating" banner?

catwalq said...

Yosh: are u using style to call me razz?
Anu Boy: i can't remember it being that unpleasant
Omo Dudu: na so we see am. I am surprised my brother and I are close because that boy has endured many mishaps at my encouragement. there was the cupboard incident, the tester in the socket that blew the fuse of the house, making ice cream with boiled eggs...
Blogville idol: a ti gbo o
Ex school nerd: omo ki lo n popping? I like my dad too
Yosh: I saw it on someone's blog. You just type in your url link and it rates your blog based on the presence of certain words or phrases...or something like that

o.šeyï said...

WOW... you had one strange childhood. Love the whole idea of pops coming home with something. I'm taking that into my own home... hehe.

nice blog as always. check out mine when you can!

יש (Yosh) said...

hahahaha, ok!

And oh no, "rusticated" doesn't mean "razz". It's just a safe word, meaning, you are well-armed to survive razz meaning @ all.

And did you come call me out, "YOOOSSSHHH"? :-s I'd believe I'm safe...

יש (Yosh) said...

:-/ :-s

Y-ye-yes? :-/ :-s

*turns around...looks over shoulder*

catwalq said...

@oseyi: yeah, he took "bringing home the bacon" to mean "bring the pig and its mama" home to his Beaurriful wife
@Yosh: why r u afraid? what r u doing dat is causing u fear. First u tell me am razz (disguised at rusticated...tsk tsk tsk. Yosh,and I was lurrving u o

יש (Yosh) said...

gawsh, thot we already passed the "rusticated" part o! 'tswhy I added "...for your own good", so you are savvy enuff to know your way around.

...and did I ever say I was feeling the lurving? Feelin it, forreals! :)

Enjoy your weekend hon

BOBBY said...

I dont know but this sounds just BEAUTIFUL...and very NATURAL, and very HAPPY...

I was reading and just smiling...

Jola Naibi said...

Thanks for sharing...these made me laugh, almost cry, retch (please write a retraction and say that you and your dad did not eat that snake ewww). You had a wonderful childhood by the looks of it and it seems your parents were very forward thinking.

Simply Gorgeous said...

Your family sounds hilarious.... but you tell it in such an interesting way that it makes you want to be there... Did you ever eat the meat?

BlogVille Idols said...

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TaureanMinx said...

Lol, your dad is funny :). Surely differnt

UnNaked Soul said...

ROTFLMAO!!! you are such a clown!!! I know you are lost, don't worry, I'll find you... come, let me feel you forehead... LOL

you get am for body... LMAO!!!

Afolabi said...

nice memories of ur childhood in nigeria...

O.šeyï said...

Madam... update now!

Teediva said...

i used to live in ado fact i think i know u...i just put two and two together from u blog clicked. i know u and ur lil bro!!!

BiMbyLaDs** said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! this babe, ur blog is on point o...!! luvin it!!

laspapi said...

ur crazy. I saw this with all sense of respect. You used to call your father his twin brother anytime he was seen talking to his plants?

I laughed so hard the tears came.

RomanticVoice said...

Your dad's twin brother? !!!Omo u don kolo hahahaha you cracking me up big time!sup?

tosyn92 said...

This is very funny... and it brings back lots of good memories too. I grew up in Ado and i can relate to many of the issues you raised. esp, the long trips to Ikogosi

Anonymous said...

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