Friday, October 31, 2008


Nigerian Government,

When you fear criticism, then what is being said must be true. You are one of the most useless institutions out there and that is because you are populated with incompetent, corrupt and self serving individuals whose usefulness has expired and whose goals and objectives benefit no one but themselves.

As a citizen, I have the God given right to say all this and as a human being, I can do that also. If you are not going to do anything good with yourselves, at least don't do anything worse. Let the man go, if he has not said anything true, why are you worried? And if he did do something unconstitutional, there are the appropriate channels to bring him to justice.

Or are you planning to come for the rest of us too?


InCogNaija said...

i agree...its just a mess tho that we are still at this point. just when we thought we had a democratic set-up, they are going back to the things that make up a dictatorship...tackle the people's freedom of speech...or is this a democratic dictatorship and we were not told about it? remembering dem Saro Wiwa, Dele Giwa, Wole Soyinka, Gani Fawehinmi and dem being arrested and even killed for speaking up about and against the government... this is so DeJavu!

BlackRose said...

dats nigeria for you,dts y we're not moving forward..hpfully he'd get released sooner than later.

Soul said...

I have a qustion to ask and a comparism to make.

Is Jonathan Eledu, the journalist who posted pictures of the president's son from inside the presidential palace?

Now for the comparisms..

Imagine that someone broke into the white house and took pictures of Jenna bush or the other twin.
THe journalist would be arrested because this is supposed to be the most secure address in the US.
THe journo would have to explain how he got in.. as in past security.
How he took the pictures, why, what else he did whilst in that place that he had absolutely no right to be.
If he did that to his neighbour on a regular DC street, I believe he would get arrested for trespassing.
But to do it in that big ole white house.. there are laws he would have broken that even he wouldn't have known existed.

Same thing if it happened at buckingham palace or even number 10

Now for some questions.
What makes this particular journalist above the law?
Is it because the pictures where of the presidents sun in an unflattering light? (with his psedo gangster posse and poses?)

Where those the only pics jonathan took? and how can we be sure?

Would we still run to defend this action if Jonathan took naked pics of the first lady?
How did he get in?. Really how did he get past security?.
And in what country on earth would this be declared ok?.

How is this even okay? on what level is what this journo did defensible?

In a 'democratic' society, this man has broken at least a few laws.. including, trespassing and I would hazard at a guess and say breaking the official secrets act which possibly puts certain places within Aso rock from being photographed.
In any democratic society he would have been arrested and grilled until such time that they coould ascertain that he is not working for some faction which intends to do harm to the head of government.

In a country that has seen its fair share of coups, is it too far fetched for the security services too presume that someone who could obtain photographs of the young child of the president from within the inner sanctum of Aso Rock could possibly be up to no good or scoping it out for future no good.

Are we soo willing and eager to critique our government at every step, because it is largely corrupt and thus must always be wrong in everything they do?

What would you have done if you were the head of security forces?

on a side note, this tea must have some stuff in it.. cos I only meant to ask one question. I swear.

Soul said...

p.s. i meant to add...
of course if he is not responsible for the pics then what have they arrested him for?.