Monday, October 27, 2008

It's the Year of Thanksgiving

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The new spiritual new year has begun and it is the Year of Thanksgiving. You have come a long way and I know that if you push aside the mist of challenges that might exist to obscure your vision of your life, you will find alot to be thankful for.

Thus, in the spirit of all things blogger (because asking you for something else might be intruding on your personal space) I would like to invite you to tell me:

1. One blog you are thankful for

2. One blogville sponsored event you are thanful for

3. One new thing that you learned on blogger that you are thankful for and

4. One blogger that you are thankful for.

Leadership by example dictates that I must say mine so I will list as follows;

Blog I am thankful for: Naijablog. I am there every day.

Blogville sponsored event: 14TH AND SERENITY. It was an experience on its own and allowed me to converse with some of the most interesting people on blogville. In the event that people argue that I can't plug my own event, then I say BLOGVILLE IDOLS; because it was the first one that I saw that gave me the idea for mine.

New thing I learned: To seperate the blog from the blogger. Not everything you read is as it presents itself and not all bloggers are as they present themselves online. Thus in real life, learn to look at whatever or whomever you are looking at from a higher point of view. You see more and are never dissappointed but always surprised.

One Blogger I am thankful for: I should have made this option plural because for me there are so many. I will say Rayo because she introduced me to blogging....and because she knows where I live so I don't want her to come smother me in my sleep...cos I really wanted to say...
And you?


bumight said...

1. I'm thankful for confessions of a Nigerian drama queen

2. 14th and Serenity

3. that blogville is like real life.

4. Naapali,

5. This was hard! said...

like bumight said, this is hard!

- ok this might sound selfish, but i'm thankful for my blog. through my blog and its evolution i've been able to meet loads of amazing virtual people, and i'm so thankful for that.

- this one's easy - and expected -i'm thankful for blogville idols!!! it was so much fun to do, and it made me truly happy at a time when only one person in the world was carrying the entire burden of trying to keep me smiling. SO thankful for it.

- the one thing ive learned is that people are the same, on and off line. i've learned to not get carried away with the feelings of comfort here, because even though you can ignore people, privatize your blog, or even stop blogging, you can't help but feel hurt/upset/saddened by the things other people do, to/at you.
i'm really thankful for this because it took me ages to realise, and now i'm happier for it!

- i'm thankful for sooo many bloggers! most pivotal in my blogging life tho, was delot, who stopped blogging over a year ago and took down his blog. he was all feelings and depth and humour and wit and pain and struggle and life. he was so real to me, and he made the greatest and longest lasting impact in my life, with regards to blogging.
for the rest of the list, lol, view my brilliant weblog awardee list!

Waffarian said...

Well....since you did not mention me, I no dey mention you too!

too many blogs and bloggers to be thankful, abeg.

Event: 14th and serenity. It was fun.

Lesson: From blogville? hmmmmmm, okay let me say something that still goes on today...women are their own worst enemies! hahahahahahahahah

Jaycee said...

1. One blog I'm thankful for: It was Easier when I had only One by Solomonsydelle. It was easy to fall in love with the blog, maybe it's because I love the idea of "family." I have a list of other blogs I'm thankful for, but won't break the rule.

2. Blogville event: Blogville idols (it brought bloggers together in a way).

3. One thing I've learned on blogger: HONESTY is key. The way we can learn from each other is by being honest about who we are (not necessarily by revealing intimate secrets, because I don't do much of that...but just by being frank. If we're not, how can we grow in a pretentious manner?).

4. One blogger I'm thankful for: Kafo (I love the way she expresses herself). Again, I wish I could break the rules and add more (I have more bloggers to be thankful for).

Jaycee said...

BTW I like that you separate the blog from the blogger...

Shubby Doo said...

I know you've said one but allow me a small abeg...

1. SSD's Nigerian Curiosity & Bella Naija in equal measure (I also have to give a shout out to Jaycee, Afrobabes, Bimbylads, Baba Alaye and Lost @ the End)

2. 14th & Senrentity - very creative idea... some of the stories blew me away but I can't say that i loved everyone's story...i can say that on the whole it worked well to showcase a multitude of talents...

3. you cannot pretend to be in the virtual world what you are not in the real world...2 face people exist here o! but there are the real gems... like...Allied

4. Allied - she is wise beyond her years...her comments always put a smile on my face...(Also have to mention Naapali's wisdom @ this point)

Rita said...

My first time here and I like your words "...To seperate the blog from the blogger..."

1. Can't respond cos I will break the rules :-)

2. Was not aware when the blogville sponsored events took place, became aware later...

3. Learned on blogger? One thing I learnt while blogging is how to make friends - by reaching out. Same principle I have applied in my life now and I see it works.

4. I am thankful for Oluwadee. She is a very encouraging person. She is one blogger I would like to meet.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Just so you know I am going to break the rules

1. Im thankful for all the blogs on my blog list, for making me laugh, 4 teachin me things about life and myself, for showing me that this expierence called life happens to all of us and not just myself, for opening my eyes to a whole new world

2. none (there havent been any since I came to blosville

3. there is no road less travelled, and if you look hard enough you will find someone who has travelled down the same road you are currently on.

4. Shona Vixen and Shubby the very first to support and encourage me from my very first post. totally inspirational awesome girls
Flabby, Funms, Buttercup, laughter girls after my own heart, always finding the time and the space to care
Bondgirl, Temite, Tigeress, Schoolnerd for makin me laugh even when i dont feel like it
Doll, aloted Rita Oluwadee, for making me always want to be better,
Least i start naming everyone i will stop here, but im grateful for each and every blogger for your positive encouragement and highly entertaining blogs

maitumbi said...

1. I'm thankful for Catwalq.

2. 14th and Serenity

3. New thing? That it is always better to remain anonymous.

4. Waffarian

naijalines said...
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naijalines said...

I'm thankful for many blogs.
I've learnt it is good to keep it all in as much as possible.
One particular blogger stands out for me. She does not go with the crowd, has integrity. She has already been named, I see.

ibiluv said...

1. my blog

2. blogsville idols

3. there's a lot more to a person
than the stuff they blog about

4. i love the way the mind works

talesandtallies said...

I'm new to blogville so I'll just say I'm thankful I've joined... and it can be over emphasized the measure of a blogger is not by their blog posts.


talesandtallies said...

*i meant it can't be over emphasized...

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