Friday, October 12, 2007


I have survived the week. By Tuesday, I was not sure I would. I had the Introductory Talk on Eckankar on Wednesday (the post it inspired I guess was not well received, cos I am thinking most people think I am weird. Nothing new.)

Was able to get some sleep. Somehow managed to feed even though I am running on an account red. Even managed somehow to be happy about the whole situation.

I am in class. About five minutes to go and it (the class) has disintegrated with each passing minute culminating in a near exchange of words between the professor and a fellow classmate. I am all for speaking your mind and holding on to your principles but it is going to take some undue harassment for me to raise my voice at my professor, especially if the project was not executed as requested. This is not the first time I have witnessed a student talk back.
I have had my work torn apart so terribly, I am still wondering how come I am in my fourth year because if the review I got had been an indication, I would have repeated the class.
Design is subjective. The professors are always biased but at the end of the day, the points they make out weigh their prejudices.

I am not going out this weekend. I have too much work. I am going to Minneapolis for the Eck Worldwide Seminar on Wednesday and so all projects due before then, I have to complete. This is one of those times I am grateful that I am more or less a loner. Imagine if I had to cater to the needs of that significant someone, my needy friends etc.

I wish everyone a great weekend. I am exhausted but I still raise my arms to hug you.

Academie IV on the way....


Oracle said...

Thank God itz Friday.

Good thing you survived till now. lol

Have a fun filled weekend

Lighty said...

thx 4 the hug love, here's a hug back @ cha. wish u luck in getting ur work done, am sure u're looking 4ward to ur seminar.

Aijay said...

Happy weekend to you babe.

cally-waffybabe said...

No wonder you rarely stop at mine these days. So you think i'm one of those that think you're weird eh? I don't think you're weird at all girl.
I didn't comment on that post because i didn't want to be drawn into debates/discussions about religion. I know a few Eckists and also behave in the same manner when they try to broach the subject cos i believe it's better to reserve my comments than to offend anyone with my response. The truth is that i would NEVER chant hu or believe in the mahanta, sri harold klemp, or any other religion that is not related to Christianity for that matter. I would ALWAYS believe that JESUS is the son of God and that He died for our sins. NOTHING can sway my beliefs.
So if i strongly feel this way about my religion and you likewise about yours, i see no reason in us trying to dissuade each other from our beliefs.
The most important thing is not to discriminate and to respect each other.
So girl, even though i would NEVER EVER believe in any other religion that is not Christianity, i still love and respect you and do not think you're weird.

Take care love.

Jaja said...

Weird ke?
Am back oo... but u know i ll be off again soon..

It will be hard

Jaja said...

as per that hug.. mmmmmmmmmm dont let go quick..

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Cally waffy babe: u r so silly. who is trying to change u and ur faith? definitely not me. Abeg be u still have not explained that pic on your blog......

oracle: taink u taink u

lighty: taink u. hug right back at cha.

Aijay: same to you

jaja: where have u been?

cally-waffybabe said...
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Waffarian said...

Had to go back and read the last two posts to see what you were talking about. Weird? heheheheh, you are not, and even if you are, who cares? I am a catholic but I am very spiritual(whatever that means) in the sense that I do believe in SIGNS and DREAMS.(That officially makes me "more weird" or is it "weirder"?).

In my family, we have been known to call each other when someone is sad or angry, or upset, just because we "felt" it. If I dream of any of them, about anything, it is about 90% that whatever I dreamt has happened. Yes, my whole family is freaky like that. We do not joke about dreams we have about each other. I dreamt of my my father's death and saw his funeral before it actually happened. For almost a year after his death, I was afraid to close my eyes and sleep, cos I kept dreaming about him and things he wanted me to do. It was the most trying time in my life. However, this just applies to my family and nobody else. Even today, if I want any of them to call me (yes, I am ashamed that I use our gift for selfish needs like this), I think about them all day and just repeat their names over and over again. Before the day ends, it is most likely that the family member will call and almost scream with the first sentence "what has happened?".

I have been known to come down from buses because "I don't feel so good", I have refused to be friends with people because of "bad chemistry", sometimes, I actually meet people and "smell evil" on them! Heheheheheheh.

Catwalq, if this na real world,you can be sure that people would have turned up with heavy prayer scripture and Holy water for your "doormot", heheheheh, no forget say, for some people mind, blogville na equivalent to "real society", so i no go surprise if people "cast" demons komot your body small.Hehehehehehe, I wan die for laughter for my own joke self. Abeg, wetin concern vulture with barber? no mind jare, you are not weird, and even if you are, do you really care?

Carlang said...

I'm with you.
Professors , or even plain lecturers get to you in so many ways. But i can imagine myself reacting to their comments. I think most of the time the commments are supposd to inject a sense of purpose into you. Having said that there are some professors who seize that excuse to rile as many students as they can swing.
Hav fun at the seminar.
I find it odd that you percieve yourself as a loner. Your blogs are actually quite intresting.
But then again..
i think i;m bit of a loner myself.

True i'm good at conversations.

but left to myself, i;d rather listen to other people talk.
Or read their blogs.
Like this one!

Mrs Somebody said...

Hugs to you too.........catwalq!
You prompted me to update and when I did,you refused to turn up...or did you?