Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cleanliness is next to Catwalq

When I was a little girl, my mother would shake her head in despair at the state of my room. The room I shared with my younger brother always seemed to have an invisible wall with his side spotting the made bed and my side a postcard image for a cyclone disaster.

I also promised myself never to become my mother who had sponges for everything (sponge for tumblers was not to be mixed with the one for plates and those, God forbid, must never be mixed with the one intended for the gas cooker...) and napkins for every occasion. She is clean to a fault.

Flash forward to today and I am my mother. I have to make my bed before I leave. My closet must be arranged and be able to shut. My drawers are neat and arranged. My kitchen must be spotless and so must my bathroom be. My books and reading materials, not so much so but everything does have some sort of order.
The problem: I have a suitemate.

Maybe it is just me but I don't care what kind of weave you have but if it is shedding like a mongrel, it really should not be on your head.

You have to learn to clean your toilet at least once a week. For boys, that might not be a serious issue but if you are spotting a vagina or intend to stick something of yours in one, the toilet must be paid attention to

Once you are older than eleven, I don't see why anyone should have to remind you to do your dishes. It makes the kitchen smell, breeds roaches and is a burden on your roommates

No matter how pretty you are, if you cannot keep a home clean and you intend to validate your existence through marriage, you might be unpleasantly surprised to find that even though your husband has armed you with an army of paid staff, they do not respect you and neither does he. Also, chances are that you will breed another species of dirty people just like you.

Everyone should have . Lysol with bleach. It is man's gift to those who cannot scrub the tub after a shower (which you should do to avoid stains and discolorations). All you have to do is spray the tub down, go put on your body lotion, come back and rinse it down and go off to your day.

As you cook, clean up. That way, when you are done the kitchen does not look like something horrible happened and we need to send for CSI

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. If your body is a temple for God, should the place within which you place this said temple not be worthy of it?

I am trying not to get fatigued by the experience of a girl who is using her body like a woman but refusing to keep her home (or suite which we share) like one. It makes me feel like I am thirty and more to be obsessing over the fact that there is hair in the sink, foundation stains on the counter top and spilled food in the fridge....I don tire o my people.


NikkiSab said...

cleanliness is important o. i feel u on dis topic. I av a friend who says u need a lil dirt n a lil clean to be balanced. So wen we @ d cafetaria n we get apples, she eats it straight. well dats her theory n it works for her. I guess its a mind tin.

bighead said...

I can be untidy o! But when I decide to be tidy, I can't tolerate another person's untidiness.

ibiluv said...

i do feel u
i also dislike untidyness
i dont wanna feel like a maid so i prefer to hang out wih ple who can make order out of dia rooms cos i feel if u can then ur life shouls also b in order.....*wink*

just let her know she gets on ur nerves with the little things

then nag her about it

if she doesnt become beta...i wuld say share with someone else...ur home is ur comfort zone...u dont need to feel harrassed in a place that is ur haven.....*wink*

Allied said...

lol.. i am just like you. A neat freak as they call me. This is why i pay more for my place because i am afraid to get a roomate.

Anonymous said...

just take it easy wit her.its not evryone who knows how to clean up after themselves.pele


cant stand dirty places except my room and except i made the mess

Idemili said...

OMG!!!! You sound like me!!!! In my relatives house, because they do not have sponges for everything, I'd rather wash glasses with dish washing liquid and no sponge.

We should get married...

Unbiased said...

Catwalq all i can say is bear it. This too shall pass. Short of kicking her ass out there is nothing you can do. Just hang in there dearie.

Atutupoyoyo said...

We would get on well my love. I could make the mess and you could do the cleaning up. Hmmm...sounds a bit like our sex life but that is another story.

How you dey boo? U just fashi me like that sha? Hmph. I am sulking

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao... ive seen a lot of the comments and omo it seems like i'm the only one here who is not the neat freak oh... omo i keep my room clean enough... but i'm incredibly messy(theres a difference... i just have stuff all over the place... lol)i couldnt possibly have different sponges for different thiings oh... i mean theres one for dishes and one for cleaning counters... end of story.

Isi said...

a woman has no excuse. she's got to be mega clean. but it gets kinda difficult when you start having kids. but there's always ways around it.
are u ever going to visit my blog or do u feel a need for me to drag u down there. i ain't laughing :-(

Bella Naija said...

WOW! I am envious....wish I was that tidy
I will echo ibo dude on this one...i totally cannot stand untidiness well except i made the mess

joicee said...

I like tidy....although I do not have sponges for everything....I never leave my house without my bed made or made wardrobe door shut etc

kosarugbonghana said...

cleanliness is nice n all, but it doens;t work for everyone. so i say if u wanna be funkt, do it n ya own space, as long as the common areas are kept neat, then i'm gud.
madam, maybe ur suitemate needs to be aware of this golden rule.

thanks for stopping by my blog

My 2 cents said...

Just for this entry I owe you money!!.

Pls preach this always, it is ridiculous how people live, I tell some people I can't visit them and they wonder why?

How can you exhibit this ultra perfect exterior and live like a pig? I don't get it. I don't get a man/woman who can bathe in a nasty bathroom.

I've thrown up uncontrollably at a friends house when I got into the bathroom and immediately asked to be taken to the nearest hotel to lodge.

I chose to live a clean healthy life, starting from my body, state of mind and environment, can I get an Amen!!

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh how I sympathize with you. There is nothing worse than a nasty washroom, IMO. My mother taught me as a girl that no man wants a nasty woman.

Have you told her how you feel?

Fatoumatta said...

i feel u...just take it easy...
meanwhile wan invite u to ma blog so send me ur email pls on

Carlang said...

Hi Catwalq.
I’m with you, there’s nothing more annoying than an untidy roommate.

Funny. I was just like you. I never used to pay much attention to my room back in the days. Tidying meant stuffing everything I could see into my wardrobe. Once I stuffed my mattress in because I was too tired to tidy it.

My sister, who shared a room with me, was so frustrated she moved into the parlor until my mum finally gave into her demands and gave her a room of her own.

Lovely posts by the way.
The last three.

The brave one.
The tale of neatness.
And some blog which started out with you complaining about the sudden outburst of lethargy in blogsville. Then you moaned and hinted about some football stud who seems to have swept you off your feet. And then homework at 12.30.
Busy day. Busy day.

Good luck with the internship hunt.
We’re rooting for you!!

anonymous gal said...

chei u hv become your mum. like bella said i wish i was tidy.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Thatz a big turn-off for me especially if a guy can't take his time to at least, keep his home clean...
I am not a neat freak but there are three places in the house that should be always C.L.E.A.N:
-and, ...Sitting room

akin aworan said...

I hear you on this blog. I have moments where I leave books lying around and or an empty tea mug in the sink and stuff, but I cannot tolerate a messy/dirty flat. It drives me absolutely nuts. If anything, you should be direct with the suite mate and tell her what for!!

Aijay said...

I feel you...

UnNaked Soul said...

i need u in my life... i am king of jagajaga... lol

i love a clean environment, who doesn't?!

princesa said...

Well said catty!

I also cant stand untidyness and dirty bathrooms.

That Lysol is cool. Can you send me some?:)


I just finished sweeping the kitchen and cooking. You make me want to attack my house with cleaning agents!
As for becoming your mother, I never believed that stuff until I had children and would hear my mother in the things I said when I disciplined.... na wa oh!

Did you get my note?

Shaywun said...

I hear you mehn! Now I just nod my head when people say I have OCD. Thank you very much, yes I have OCD at least I'm clean. Ha this reminds me of one of my roommates I had in college a couple of years ago. It was a 3 bed 3 bath so we pretty much had our individual space.

Well someone would say here "then what was wrong?". The kitchen and living room was our common denominator. Oh just the thought! ewww... I had to constantly tell this girl especially about the kitchen. I heard from someone else, who called me up to tell me, that she said she felt like she was in her aunty's house. So her aunty even had to constantly tell her how to be clean at twenty something years of age.

Ozymandias said...

it's a nice quality for everyone...though I'm still working to getting up you've to bear with your roomie, it's sometimes tough with what you can at home, and try not to be deterred by what happens ..cheers !!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

@nikkisab: men, has your friend not heard of salmonella poisoning or thyphoid fever?

@bighead: I know how you mean joo

Ibiluv:I am biding my time till I can get my own apartment

Allied:Omo, my blessing is coming so I can do the same

Anonymous: At a certain age, you just have to be responsible for your cleanliness

An Ibo dude: lol

Idemilli: I accept o...but I am not sharing with Dark Man X. It's him or me...

Unbiased: Thank u jare

Atutu: I can never leave you. You left me...

Overwhelmed: obun buruku

Isi: lol...I have been there o. can I go now?

Bella Naija: Finally, you return

Joicee: Good girl. Correct

Kosarugbonghana: she no sabi dat one. d only thing wey she sabi na makeup and pah-tie?

My 2 cents: u threw up ke? That place must have been nasty as so sorry

Queen of My Castle: we actually had a sit down b4 we moved in but nothing...

Fatoumatta: why did u have to lock down on ur blog?

Carlang:U r so cute

Anonymous Gal: na so I see am O. I have become Iya Catwalq

Okpeke: Thank u o my sister

Akin Aworan: I have moved on. I have no more English to spare on babying a grown woman

Aijay: Me too

Unnaked: You!!! U need me in your life how? After you jabo-ed me? Msstsststhw!

Princessa: No shaking...where your house dey?

Solomonsydelle: Please leave the hand prints of my husband there on the wall. I mean if he chooses to paint the walls with cerelac abeg allow him. My baby's artistic

Shaywun: all these wowo chicks...The funny thing is that they are the ones that guys wil be chasing up and down

Ozymandias: I am no longer worried about her. I have other issues to school

Jinta said...

You are "the daughter of your mother", truly, but I see your point - it always happens with roomies and other partnerships when one person does not pull their weight.

...and what is wrong with being a thirty something, or forty somethiing? I beg, dont depress us ninety somethings o!

Thanks for stopping by.

laspapi said...

I think its important that females are clean.


Eheh, so because you have a 'love thang' for TK, I must allow the bobo to dirty my house eh? I see how you are now!!!!


I will send him to come work his magic at your place, you hear??? lol!

יש (Yosh) said...

Nice presentation...

Weekends are for those o! E no easy sha...honestly!

By the way, a visit to your house, I feel, would be akin to going to a traditional Japanese home. U must behave yaself. Good going...keep it up, I'm proud o!