Monday, September 26, 2005

Omo, yawa!
Kata kata!
As we don go meet Sheik say make im organise the stupid Mr. Lecturer, e be like say the guy sef get connections. Sheik vex. Awon boys tell am say the guy get sanctuary. The guy get to know. Let's just say that Bola might be retaking the class, except if we go to administration. But to whom do we report? Is it those incompetent extortionists in admin that are out for money or the ones who also keep campus girls as 'girlfriends'. this country sef. the poor girl don tire. she was like, 'sebi it's just one time.' Can u imagine, being forced to contemplate the idea.
So Evelyn took matters into her hands and went to see 'Big Bros' as we like to call him. that's our name for her aristo that is based in abuja and only sends for her when he is in lagos. She told him what was happening to Bola and I do not know what the guy did but last night, when Bola was walking to the hostel after lectures, "those girls" came and accosted and roughed her up a bit, saying that she had made a mistake messing with 'Mr. Lecturer.'
When did lecturers start having connections to cultists. The underworld was the security blanket of students even though to enforce themselves, we the student body had to pay dearly. Besides on OAU campus, they are not that terrible. If you walk right and keep your nose clean, you really have no need to meet them.
I really do not know what is going to happen because i am aware that my name is linked to this issue.
Nitori olorun, ile-iwe ni obi wa ran wa lo ti awon oloriburuku tisha osi fe fi ti won ba ti awon kan je.
God dey! he will vindicate the innocent and I know that Mr. lecturer will surely be punished.

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