Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sometimes i really hate this country. How do you have institutions were students pay through their noses for an education but have neither the facilities nor faculty to provide any at all. I am so fed up. What the hell am I struggling to get an education for when at the end of the day, your survival all boils down to who you know and where they are at the time you know them. I am so tired of these two-faced politicians who stand infront of the cameras and the ignorant and condemn the government for their lack of provision for the Nigeriam youth of today whilst all their children attend school abroad, spending my money and the only times they come to the schools is when they are there to receive honorary doctorate degrees (which is just disgusting as most did not even attend university for a bachelors degree not to talk of a doctorate) or to pick up the young girls who believed that a wealthy older man was going to be their means of survival. It is so easy to cross the boundaries of propriety and allow an older man access to you and yours in exchange for financial provision. ironically, there is no financial security in befriending an older man because he too will be quick to go through as many young things as he can in an attempt to recapture the youthful fantasies they were never able to afford. I hate those men but why would i complain. i do date an older man even thoughhe is not of the same generation as those filthy letchers. those disgusting old men who have no shame in propositioning women for money. i wonder if they are happy. there must come a time when having a woman who will only continue to be with you as long as ypu can furnish her in the lifestyle that you have promised her, begins to take a toll....easpecially if you want to keep it a secret.
Today, i am not just thinking about these men; at least they give the women the choice of opting for that kind of relationship or not. I am thinking now of those shameless, disgusting men who seek to manipulate and force women into things they would not even contemplate doing were it not for the fact that all choice in the matter was taken from them. i am talking sexual blackmail. These bastards!!!
Can you imagine Professor Orunwaye told me that if Bola, my friend wants to pass his bus. admin course, 'i know what to do'. Can you imagine that lizard looking thing threatening her with failure if she does not befriend him. What is this world coming to when men, we were entruted unto by our parents become the very predators they were instructed to protect us from. Have they no shame? No heart? No decency? How do you contemplate sleeping with someone the same age as your daughter. that is to say if they had been playing with mud as children outside the house, you would have been envisioning the other girl as a potential bedmate. That is just disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are going to pay a visit to Sheik.
He is very adept at handling such matters and after this is over we are going to need sanctuary.
I am so tired.
This is school is not worth the hastle and tribulations thrown in our paths.
BUT my father would kill me if I left school.
I still cannot believe this stupid man and I know Bola is not the first girl he has tried to entrap on campus...but she will definitely be his last.
He has messed with the wrong girl.
Or rather should we say, the wrong guy's girlfriend.


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trae_z said...

omoge werin dey. i've been reading ur stuff, it's cool. abeg fashi them people, just take life je je, u must to graduate one day. peace!

Rayo said...

Wow, I'm not in Naija right now but I totally understand where your anger is coming from. The U.S. is kinda like that too, it's just that they know how to keep things within the government.

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