Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today, Aunty Femi came to visit with her children. I know we are supposed to be family (she is my mother's sister) but that woman rubs me the wrong way. First, she is a christian and she irritates me with her prayer warrior routines. We are christians too but I know the only reason my father goes to church is because all his 'friends' do too and lately since democracy has been in power. she always looks like shit. excuse my french. It is her belief that to be considered worthy of God's favour, she has to look as ugly as she possibly can. I heard her loss of fashion sense started about four years ago when her husband impregnated some woman outside. i think to save face or her mental health, she turned to the church. That is all good and fine but when she drags her two overweight daughters clad in garments i would not even conjure up as possible to be worn, and come to my house to tell my mother that she is raising me wrong, she can go to hell.
First, she said that my wearing tight jeans was sinful. I looked at her with clear hatred. i do not hide such things. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her that with all her praying, Kike, her older daughter has seen and done more things than i ever have. the last time they spent holidays with us, Kike gave me a very vivid description of something that can be done using a vibrator. I simply stared at the girl who was two years younger than I, and still iun secondary school, educating me on such matters. Well, all I can say is that she is very much a pro coz i tried it out with Kunle, my 'boyfriend' and Woooooooooooow!. I bet aunty femi knows none of the things her daughter knows or else Uncle Gbadebo would not have strayed. HEhahahaha
Anyway, she came and stayed and irritated the hell out of everyone. dad cannot stand her either. her daughters looked demure as ever. Kike is as far as I am concerned, demonic. The scariest thing is that she and Sayo, my younger sister are inseperable. I keep telling that little knucklehead to stay away from our cousin but Kike has somehow brainwashed my sisters and bothers. I was once afraid that she had practiced on my brother, Wale. He really gets along with her.
And oh, Gbadamosi was there. he snored through most of my aunt's religious rantings. Soemtimes, i think I actually love that man.
We were seeing them off, me, trying to push them as quickly as possible into the car, when I looked up and saw Chinedu.
Now, how do I talk about Chinedu Ozodia. He is our neighbour's son. he used to live in England before his mum died and he moved back to Nigeria to be with his dad, step-mother and siblings. He attends Unilag and studies Engineering. He drives a BMW 5 series. He is also the guy I messed around with last summer.
The oddest thing about what happened is that neither one of us told anyone. Not even Evelyn, my best friend and partner in crime, knew about us. And when I prodded his friend Marcus, who lives on the next street, to see if Chinedu had said anything, he seemed oblivous. i guess, Chinedu had kept his one will know.
Did i love him? I do not know. But I was happy with all the moments we snuck around. he took me out a few times to places we were sure none of our friends will be and for my birthday that June, he gave me a jewelry set. You know, matching earrings, necklace and a bracelet. I did not let anyone know. Chinedu is a ladies' man. He is always seen with girls who are made fun of because you hardly ever see the same one with him twice. i did not want to join that list. i had enough gossip going on about me. Most of my friends and our estate's clique know that I have a rich young aristo-ish( he is only 30) guy friend.
Anyway, at that time Chinedu was supposed to have been seeing Ejiro from Sonibare estate. I always wanted to laugh in her face whenever she went on and on about Chinedu. Once, Chinedu and I exchanged careful glances above her head while she practically mauled him in public. We had teased the pair and none of us had been suprised when it was over a few weeks later. I knew that it was hard for Chinedu to stick to one woman for long and I think because I was aware of that and laid no claim to him and pushed no ideas, we survived the summer. then i had to go to back to school.
I think i felt sad when it was over. I wonder what he felt. He greeted my mom and aunty Femi. Kike oggled him through veiled eyes. i just wanted to slap her. he was about to leave. I wished we could speak. That i could speak to him. He drove off at his typical suicidal speed. I tried not to watch him go. I touched my earrings. i wear them all the time.
he asked me to.

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