Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Please o, people like Jaybabe threatening to hurt someone...me i did not send una message o.
I am recovering from exams.I am on a steady diet of sleep and nothing else for a while. I will be good to go in a day or two.
What have I missed?


Jinta said...

You must have overslept. The US president is no longer George Bush. (Someone pls tell me what Dubya means?)

Queen of My Castle said...

@ Jinta...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dubya is the country Southern way of saying "W"

Waffarian said...

Ndo oh, hope u're better...you did not miss anything. Dry as hell.

diary of a G said...

get ur rest catwalq
something tells me you deserve it

Jaybabe said...

bwahahahahaha...and you freaked out? Yes of course i'll kill someone! Starting with you...come here...lol

How you been girl? Ermm.. i don't think you missed that much. Eish marr 9th dec has long been gone. Go round Bloville and check:
-Ugo Dee has gone home
-Olamild is in the studio as we speak
-Queen of my Cas passed by my blog
-Diary of a Gee didn't talk about sex this time around
-Pamela wants to take my Eddiie away from me, so we been fighting
Who else?...ermmmm..yah
I've got new addition..hahahahah..glad you managed to drop a line..

N.I.M.M.O said...


No Noise. Catwalq's 'recovering from exams'.

Someone please start a lullaby.

How your exams?

Atutupoyoyo said...

Kpele luv. Snuggle up.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Jinta: I never thought he was the president. i guess I woke up before u....

Queen of my Castle: he is silly
don't mind him

Waffarian: thank u o jare

Diary of a G: something should not tell you. you should know

Jaybabe: who is Eddie?

Nimmo: no body sang any lullaby o. and i was waiting. I think Atutu was humming the jingle for stout

Atutu: release my blankey now...haba!!!

Jaybabe said...

Eddiie? You donno Eddiie? At this your age you donno Eddiie?..lol..a fellow-blogger now..