Sunday, December 02, 2007


I was sitting at my laptop, thinking of what to talk about in today's post. After erasing my eight draft, I went to my saved drafts and found this piece, I started months ago and discarded...

PinkPeke Productions: Welcome to another episode of DIS BLOGGERS SEF. Today, we are going to visit with Ms Catwalq Bani-Baraje, the creator and executive producer of the "world famous" Catwalq Academie Series. Ms Catwalq, welcome to the show.

Catwalq: Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to be here.

PP P: So, we are five episodes in and the entire country is hooked...

Catwalq: I am just as surprised. We have been getting THOUSANDS of comments and MILLIONS of letters of hopefuls asking to be cast in the series.

PP P: Wow...yeah, cos we are fans too. Where did you get the inspiration for it?

Catwalq: well, i have a professional degree in fantasizing.With a concentration in creativity

PP P: From where?

Catwalq: The Universal Institute of Joblessness and Laziness.

PP P: How long did it take you to put together the cast and crew.

Catwalq: not too long. I am the writer, director, producer, make up artist, sound editor, short the entire crew. There is a local grammar school by my house. I just sit outside and watch them pass.

I never quite got to finish it, so I am asking you to submit your questions for Catwalq and she will answer in her end of year, profile of her self. Conceited? Perhaps...but it is the easiest way to come up with a post.
So, send in your questions. They can be about anything and I will answer them in my next post.


UnNaked Soul said...

Is catwalq a figment of my imagination?

Is she an alien?

How did you get the name "Bani-Baraje" and what does it mean?

when is the sex part of CATWALQ ACADEMIE going to start? abi are the cast asexual?

princesa said...

lol@unnaked! Rotten guy!!!

Catty my question is:
What is the rationale behind your cast choices?
I mean why would you cast princesa as just mumbling "yes", "Hmmm" and and cast kpakpando as the mischievous/naughty one.

I need some action role abeg!

UnNaked Soul said...

since princesa wants an action role, can u star us in a coded zone scene, doing you-know-what... :-D

abi how u check am princesa? it will be fun I promise u...

Teediva said...

have u ever caught teediva and any of the senior boys in a err...compromising postion, seeing as she's so naughty? *lol*

Atutupoyoyo said...

Madam Catwalq is it true that you faked your certificates from The Universal Institute of Joblessness and Laziness? The institute has never heard of you.

Is Baraje pronounced BA-RA-JEH or BA-RAHJ?

Do rumours of several affairs with some UnNamed cast members have any foundation?

How does a girl like you end up being a girl like you?

Are you already starting to regret the promise you made to answer all these questions?

Allied said...

Is it true that you will be the first to direct a bollywood Catwalq Academie with an all Nigerian cast?

Olamild said...

Na wa o

I heard that The Universal Institute of Joblessness and Laziness is very proud to have you as its first graduate, na lie abi truth?

Some of your fans said Your name catwalq means you like to walk like a cat and they want to ask.....Do you like cats?

Obinwanne said...


bhookey said...

lmaooooo this comments are too funny, i swear i love ur character tho, erm questions, ill try to be back with those

gishungwa said...

The comments have done it for me.
Cast me pretty please with a cherry on top.

laspapi said...

Do you have a director's couch? Do you make use of it?

Could you answer Atutupoyoyo's "Do rumours of several affairs with some UnNamed cast members have any foundation?"

Jaybabe said...

...LOL...Blogvillagers are all crazyyyy..!!!!

Jaybabe said... that script you gave to me, where i act against Eddiie, i don't understand, shud i be on top or Eddiie shud be on top? Coz when i read, the guidelines are written back to forth. Were you lazy or that is what we are supposed to do?

simplynuttie said...

Universal school of joblessness and laziness alone?

What kind of degree would you end up with after graduating or your school is for a lifetime?

exschoolnerd said...

do u sometimes get inspiration on what to write in the toilet doing a number 2?

Carlang said...

Nice post dear.
Glad to know i'm not the only one who suffers occasional mentalblocks.
You've got talent dear.
it's probably one of the reasons why i like you.

What's that?
WHat are the other reasons?
Damn it. Here comes the mental block again....

N.I.M.M.O said...

After answering all the other questions, answer this:

'Is there anything else about Catwalq that we need to know?'


princesa said...

@unnaked, Me and you ke?!?! In a coded zone scene?? LOL!
Abeg tell them say you no see me for house, Bad boy!

Madam catty where art thou??

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO!!! These comments are hilarious. If anyone can put a spark back under the once dimming World of Blogville, it's Ms. Cawalq.

Question: How does it feel to be pursued by so many men of Blogville?

Rayo said...

Can you explain to these people what "shaking plastic" is...hehehehehehe lololol!!!

*ehm...* sorry, lack of sleep.

Rayo said...

Yea...ignore the previous comment.

Ms.Diva said...

Catwalq, its such a small me @

Teediva said...

erm, and catwalq, is lagba-jess meant to mean a female lagbaja...or am i just tied up? and when do we get more gist about ur strike that out..courtesan madame?

Florida of Free Spirit said...

U r so funny!!! Am adding you to my blog, cos i sure want to read from u again.

UnNaked Soul said...

@princesa: I have a copy of the script, its not so bad oh... according to it, you are on the receiving end... *wink*

@catwalq: what are u doin behind the curtain with atuts?

@atuts: unNamed who?

Jinta said...

Which aspects of the show got us hooked when we jumped to the 5th episode?