Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anti-Corruption Day

When I received the email highlighting this day and inviting a blogged response, I thought this post will take five minutes. I mean, what are fifty words but two sentences? How long will it take me to come up with a post to my country and the rest of the world about eradicating corruption?
This is the fourth draft of this post. You can see my dilemma.

I have decided to share some of the creeds that I live by. The principles that I have adopted and struggle to implement so that I too, don't become corrupt.

1. Do not encroach on people and their property. And do not allow them to do the same to you: If I am conscious that my actions not affect others and theirs, then I will be less likely to partake or indulge in something that violates the freedoms of others. Corruption does that.

2. Do all you have agreed to do: If I stand before you and say that I will serve you in some way, then I will. Politicians spout whatever will get them votes or even nothing at all, attain high positions and completely forget their promise to the society to serve. It is a matter of how strong your word is. My parents don't have millions but when they give me their word, they bend over backwards to fulfill it.

3. Every thought, word or action either pollutes you or purifies you: I choose to purified. So, I will not think ill, say ill or do ill to another person. That alone ensures that I am not corrupt.

4. Be responsible for your actions: I am not of the faith where there is salvation upon calling somebody's name; a technique that some people have taken it to mean that they can do whatever they like and then after, they just erase it with some mumbled words. I pay for every action and so does every body else. If you imagine that you can get away with something because the human justice does not get you, best be assured that spiritual justice is very fair and unbiased and that as Soul, you are going to enjoy in exact amounts the returns on any and everything you do. If not in this lifetime, then in another.

5. Be clean: Body, mind and deed. In the words of Kpakpando, KPOM!!!

6. Be grateful: I could have had it worse.

7. Do all things in the name of God: I don't think God will encourage you to take what He did not give to you, so don't even think to steal in the name of God.

8. Be careful what you say: A corrupt tongue will say corrupt things. And we all know the power of the spoken word. If, according to a majority faith, God said "Let there be Light" and there was light, does it not make sense that as his offspring, we can manifest or eradicate corruption with our words.

9. Be disciplined: Do the right thing at the right time and for the right reason

10. It's a matter of choice: Choose not to be corrupt.

You might ask why I have not listed social policies. I can't think of any that do not involve people who have to make the choice to implement them. To implement policies against corruption, you have to be someone who isn't. Thus I am starting with myself and hopefully others are to.
If we all did the right thing, do you think we would need an anti-corruption day? I think not


bumight said...

ok, I am going to go write my own... both on my blog and on the website!

shout out: I'm First!!!

Zephi said...

the 10 oommandments of anti corruption by catwalq. very thoughtful

little miss me said...

i liked this post,i found it different,more insightful than the regular anti-corruption speeches we get nowadays..i esp like #4,many Nigerians tend to use religion as a shield or safety net for their conscience,relying on a prayer of absolution to wipe away theyr guilt,what goes around will surely come around,God or no God,thats what i think.its a do it yourself way to stop corruption lol,wat beter way than to start with ones self..nice:)

Jinta said...

Like your 4th creed especially. Even Babangida is claiming that God is now validating the fact that he was not corrupt by showing us how corrupt Obasanjo was. Talk of the kettle...

Florida of Free Spirit said...

u sound pretty different in this post, very solemn. And yeah, u r right. corruption is a one person's effort that translates to national revolution. I, for one, try to do unto others as i'd like them to do unto me - at least, most of the time.

Olamild said...

amen 2 that

princesa said...

Oh! If only our politicians can read this and live by it.
Naija will be a better place for us all.
Good one Catty.

Ozymandias said...

oh yea, we do need these rules..very important.

Atutupoyoyo said...

I have been asking myself serious questions about corruption and how innate it is in many Nigerians. Our leaders have unfortunately made it very acceptable but we have a chance to educate a new generation.

Sorry I missed you earlier boo. I don crash. Holla at me

Jaybabe said...


Ms. emmotions said...

very true dear, ' wish one can get this dirty politicians to reason like this.

well appreciated dearie

Carlang said...

Growing up in Nigeria can be pretty tasking.
At some point i think we all become adjusted to the efluvium of corrytion. SO much so that it becomes normal and okay.
But it's not.

Thanks for reminding us of our faults.
There is hope yet.

Long as we have people like you and me present.

p.s DOes this mean i have to return the money that guy gave me? I've spent half already!!

zerkhezi said...

wow,thats a long list of rules to live by. i suppose no one can be that perfect, but we can try. our reputation as a nation is tarnished worldwide and thats a shame. If we can't influence the whole nation at once, we should at least encourage self respect on a personal level. What is cool or satisfying about taking something that doesn't belong to u? or making others suffer so u can wear gucci loafers?

Waffarian said...

Thanks for this post, Catwalq. Everybody wants a change, but nobody is ready for even the simplest of tasks. If we can not even write a couple of words in "blogville", then what do we expect in the real world? People, please wake up, if you want things to happen, you have to do something as well.

@little miss me: Anything is better than nothing.

Afrobabe said...

Carl...keep the money, old things are passed away...hope thats how it

coruption usually looks like the big guys taking the big money but it starts from the little guy who wont open the office gate till you "greet" him.

Fo said...

9th novmbr nd 9th dec days to rmbr..nice post..

Anonymous said...

Very insightful stuff, here..

Jaybabe said...

UPDATE ooooo!!!


This needs to be spread all over the internet. All Nigerians need to either apply these rules, or use them to create/modify their own rules in an effort against corruption. Good one, my sista!


@ Catwalq: Just want you to know that your anti-corruption commandments is my post for today.

I also want to take this forum to state that I have had the pleasure to meet you and can say that you are an incredible, thoughtful, intelligent and absolutely inspiring individual. Keep up the good work and I hope that you have recovered from your exams by now...

Sherri said...

i like ur commandments...
can we sum it up as love ur neighbor as thyself?

half will be a good start jo!

Kiibaati said...

I think it all boils down to "Thou Shall Not Steal"

The Last King Of Scotland said...

if only peeps in power would adopt this.......but alas they choose not to. nice optimistic piece

The Last King Of Scotland said...

i believe corruption starts from the home and then it translates into becoming an epidemic. the little boy/girl that starts to steal coins at home, the student who steals gold/forex to try and oppress, the young lady who flaunts her body in exchange for marks at university, the young man who forges results to work, the gateman who refuses to let you see the minister without 'ejunge', the senator who buys a £3.5 million house in hampstead NW london.....the list is endless. God save us all.

Jaybabe said...

I'm going to kill someone today...UPDATE! UPDATE! Abeg..

Ms. emmotions said...

haba ! update jo, abi jaybabe?

nameless.poetical. said...

uv bin tagged..:)

laspapi said...

Someday, Nigerian leaders will learn corruption kills.

Ms.Diva said...

"I am not of the faith where there is salvation upon calling somebody's name; a technique that some people have taken it to mean that they can do whatever they like and then after, they just erase it with some mumbled words"

Catwalq, there are some mysteries in life you can't understand. I suport your stand against corruption and I agree that people have done crazy things in the name of religion. However if you say you pay for every action, you may not be where you are now. There's something called grace. Even the worst offender can have a place in heaven. Our righteousness is like filthy rags before God....You can't save yourself.....Just food for thought.....

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Bumight: Clap for yourself

Zephi: I would like to think so. thanks

Little miss me: I feel that the end of ill starts with oneself

Jinta: I am mad people are listening to Babangida. What happened to the old ways of stoning the village thief?

Florida of free spirit: I took some time to think about this because I felt it would be expected from the title that I would begin to list a series of policies to be enacted by one group or the other. It all starts with the individual, otherwise we are just speaking too much english

Olamild: I seconf you o

Princessa: sad thing, they can't read

Ozymandias: we need to enact them...not just set them

Atutu: It starts with you and I...why r u crashing? wake up joo

Jaybabe: let me go and find out what that is sef...i don forget

Ms emmotions: maybe one day

Carlang: 1. i have to go and check what efluvium means.
2. what were you collecting money for?

Zekherzi: My brother, I don't know what joy people derive from hurting their neighbour. I don't think it is about perfection but more about a decency of self

Waffarian: I agree. Rome was not built in a day. I am lifting my bricks one by one

Afrobabe: what kind of advice are you giving Carlang? better be prepared to share his karma...yes, it is more at the level of the maiguard

Fo: thanks...not too sure i follow your comment

Aworan: we are trying o

Jaybabe: it is not your fault!!! u know hear say i dey school

Solomonsydelle: ah, ana mi. e kaabo. thanks for the kind words. u are marrying your son to me sha. u cannot hide that boy from me.

Sherri: yes we can. But that might not work if the way we love ourselves is at the detriment of someone else....

Kiibati: yes, most of the time

The Last King: they are so far removed and so self absorbed that they cannot be bothered.
And yes, that is how it begins. From the theft of tom tom

Jaybabe: wo, there is no legal system in naija. if you kill someone, the part of kirikiri they will throw you has no key o

Ms emotions: and you are encouraging her? tsk tsk tsk

Nameless poetical: to do what?

laspapi:I don't think they care

Ms Diva:I agree. It's by Gods grace that I am here but that does not mean that I should abuse that grace and keep asking him to wipe my slate clean for repeat offenses