Sunday, November 11, 2007

A typical Friday

7.00 am
Alarm Rings...

Oh, damn. Stupid alarm
What time is it?
i still have two hours till class

7.45 am
I still have time
Why did I even wake up sef?

8.30 am ( Class is at 9.10)
Oh God. Please help me wake up
Oya Catwalq, lift your leg...
lift your....

8.45 am
Mo daran
Where is the toothpaste?
I have not even prayed
May the Blessings Be
What will I wear o
Let me look out the window, is it sunny
Aaahh, I see people in multiple layers
Beige coat it is...illfitting but warm
Who on earth is in the bathroom at this time?
"Hey girl, what's up?....yeah, I am take your time"
What kind of nonsense is this?
While she is glueing on her face let me lay out my outfit.
No can't wear this one...have put on weight
The button's off
I don't like the way the hem sits on my shoes
Not warm enough
T-shirt and Jeans it is....
"Oh you're out? thanks . be right there"
Where is my text book?
ok...I don't have one
Notebook I meant
Do I have any assignment?
Thank God, not today
Yeeeee, I have to finish my sketches for 2.00pm.....
What is the time
9 o'clock?
Well, class is at 9.10 so I have ten minutes to take a bath, curl my hair,get dressed and get downstairs, out and up the hill to class...
Where is the toothpaste?...I am going to bite this girl today
"Yo, you're supposed to cover the tube when you're done and why is the paste caking at the top?"
is this heiffer giggling?
Boya o ro pe mo n sere ni...nonsense!!!
brush, brush, brush, brush...where is the flat iron...brush, brush, brush, brush
this my face that looks like the surface of the moon
"Hun? .....Sure..."
Aveeno facial scrub
Maybe I should stop accepting poverty and just invest in proactive
Girl, you need to loose some weight. Stop wearing those corset tops, they are deceiving you
I will start my diet tomorrow
No, come to think of it, I have that thing in the morning
I will start on Sunday...oooh, have service
I will start on Monday so that it will be the beginning of the week and I will be disciplined.
Run the water for the shower.....aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh, I guess that's not the hot side

10.45 am
one, two, three, four
walk, walk, walk
men, I am so late, it's disgusting

11.15 am
Professor: that is how you can manipulate smoke from refuse disposal into a public display of art. Using all we have discussed, the project is due on Friday
Catwalq: what project?
Professor: I do not acknowledge the presence of those who disrupt my class with lateness.
Catwalq: I am sor...
Professor: See you next week
Catwalq: Ugh!!! see yourself?

I am upset with myself
putting myself in that position where just anybody will be talking to me anyhow
I am going to go eat something

you know you should not be drinking sweet stuff
oh, I remember I am starting it on Monday so one little drink won't hurt
Ehen where is that bag of rendering pens?

1.50 pm (rushing to design class at 2.00)
oya comot for road if you cannot walk
who holds hands and lover-doveys in the street in winter?
these akata people sef
Dang girl, what is that on your head?
There's a brown girl in the ring tra lalalala
There's a brown girl in the ring tra lalalalalala
Oooooh, I want those pair of shoes
Wonder how much they cost...
EWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO u want to use your jalopy to kill me?
how will i tell people that I was hit by ambulance?
Go and tell them am not home o?

3.00 Pm (browsing the internet in class)
hmnnn....20 comments....nyzeeeeeee
Professor: Ms Catwalq, would your housing be less dense or more dense?
Catwalq: hun? I am sorry? (chineke, was he talking to me all this time?) Please can you repeat the question?
Professor: On this campus would the housing be less dense or more dense?
Catwalq (which campus? which of the housing? think! Think!! Think!!!) uhhhhh, as dense.
Professor: Hun?
Class: hun?
Catwalq: It should be equal-equal
Professor: Okayeeeeee, any answers
(six hands go up)
Why did you not ask them first....
Let me play my mahjong jooo
I am about ready to start my weekend
Why has he not called?
I hate all this transatlantic loving men
my phone bill is in the pits
He has to call
let me flash him
yeah, i no dey shame o...011 ....
I definitely have to start my workouts
where is that my bellydancing DVD?
and my yoga DVD?
and my taebo DVD?
I need to find one and get serious
yeah, I am starting Monday and this time it's for real
When is this class going to be over?
I want to see that free movie men...yeah broke chick's in the house
Eeeehhh it looks like I am really going to be in the house today
It is raining ke?
me I am not going anywhere o
Olorun ma je
with this demonic icy rain in this place
i want some tea
yeah, hot lime tea and plenty sugar

6.30 pm
you are almost home
just a few more steps
you're almost home
why could I not have applied to a school in California or Florida
Maybe earthquake would have carried my class away
Or hurricanes
Mba, winter it is

7.00 pm
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba (those that know the JD song know what I am singing here)
ooooh what is this template on BimbyLads blog?
let me try and change my own

8.00 pm
MO GBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have deleted my blog

8.05 pm
*phew* false alarm
all these yeye free sturves on the internet to mess up my evening

9.00 pm
Good night
No more energy for a fight.

11.30 pm
I am hungry
where is that ice cream?


BiMbyLaDs** said...

do u ever rest.. lol.. round the clock always on the go.

LMAO @ as dense.... so typical of me too :)

omo-obanta said...

LOLOLOLOLOL> sounds like my life. where on the east are you. if you're in MA that would be hilarious...

Anonymous said...


exschoolnerd said...

love the new look!!!!!!

Jaja said...

I didnt realise untill now how much I ve missed you..

Wetin dancing?

Allied said...

lol.. and you call this typical?

Unbiased said...

Haaa you have madew Bimbylads proud. Why you come follow am change your template?
Seriously though i like it but i just cant stand the narrow corridor of text in the middle.
Let me know when you wind a way to widen the text box. I wanna widen mine as well.
And Catwalq no over do !!! Rest ya bodi b4 it breaks down on you!!

Olamild said...


Gurl u r something else

pamelastitch said...


i definitely feel you on - I am not hungry ...where is that icecream??


A.D. said...

lol your life is hilarious!

shola pacheco said...

feel u on the morning bit,kewl

ibilola said...

lurv d new look. A tink sey na only me dey suffer so. E go beta o! lol

"yeah, I am take your time" - why do we do this?

Afrobabe said...

dieting my mind I have been dieting since July...conveniently forgetting the midnight cookies and coke.

Idemili said...

Mad girl.

UnNaked Soul said...

where's the part that you thought about me? huh? I bet it's somewhere around 11:30am, with the ice-cream *wink*

Teediva said...

girl does ur mind ever, EVER rest for a second? ah ah, u should relax a bit lol. easy.

Uzo said...

Its are starkers..LOL

princesa said...

Ice cream @ 11.30pm babe??
That ur dietng still far o!,lol!

Why is it so difficult to get out of bed in the mornings??? Somebody plzzzzz tell me!

Sparkle said...

LOL...I had a class at 9am yesterday...8:30 I never get up...dis happens a lot especially during Winter...WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO COLD!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Bimbylads: yeah I fact, a bit too much. It is an non restful rest though...that is the problem

Omo-Obanta: No not in MA but I might as well be

Anonymous: I am happy you're amused

Exschoolnerd: dear, I try

Jaja:My dear, how is camp? any scintillating gist?

Allied: u can't even imagine...but I made it to class on time today

Unbiased: actually, I don't mind the narrow text, I love the delineated format...architect talking...oh I am taking it easy cannot die o..or in this case, woman

Olamild: Thank you

pamelastitch:ice cream fueled cravings so not good for my bonbons

AD: I think only God is laughing. I am his daily dose of comedy

shola pacheo: u do? do share...oh, do share

Ibilola: I don't know. I am supposed to be working on something and I am here on blogville. Indiscipline is what I call it.

Afrobabe: u have been dieting since July. Sweetie, I started in 2004 and I am not even sure what programme I am on cos I was my smallest in 2004. If I had known...

idemmili: look who is talking. I better find a new installment of the Dark Man on your blog when I get there....

Unnaked: YOU!!!!!

Teediva:I try o my sister, cannot help the way my thoughts run

Uzo: but don't u love me? lol

Princessa: I have no answer my sister...

Sparkle: u know what, it's the freaking cold weather that's why we can't get up in the morning... that is the reason why. pls pass on the info to Princessa

N.I.M.M.O said...

Mad funny. How much of my day do i even remember?

Love the new look btw.


Isi said...

so... the naija bros didn't call?

laspapi said...

If I had a day like that, I'd have a nervous breakdown. I try to pace it somewhat.

Naapali said...

u r one kolo girl. Good kolo though

bighead said...

Love yur combination of both Igbo and Yoruba exclamations

Calabar Gal said...

hectic day it was huh?

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