Sunday, November 04, 2007

An ode to Jenny...from Bimbylads book

Thanks to Bimbylads for the inspiration...

I am not angry.
I am numb.
I am not feeling anything.
I don't think I can or will ever more.
Why are you asking me to look at you?
What do you think I will see?
Other than the one who has taken my trust and brought me to my knees.
What is her name?
Why her?
What does she have that I don't?
Does her mind produce the words that you claimed seduced you so?
Or is it a lack of her ability to do that that you sought in the first place?
Does her skin rise at the sound of your voice like mine does?
Do her hips match the oscillation of yours in a fierce dance of desire?
Do her lips part to paint the night with sounds of pain that only pleasure can provide?
Does she make your whole being slam to a screaming halt?
Do her nails make the scratches that you so like to admire like badges of a night well spent?
What does she have?
What does she smell like?
Jasmine? Citrus? Silken sheets?
What does she taste like?
What does she have?
Does she drop all she is doing to rush home to bring you the report that you were reminded time and time again to take with you but inadvertently you forgot?
Does she spend time pouring through recipes to create dishes from places you have never been but you imagine that upon eating them you will go?
Does she hold you when the attacks come? When your own body works against you to deprive you the freedom of air?
Doe she hold you in the night when nightmares terrorize your dreams? And say not a word even though she knows you will never admit to the fears that plague your night?
Has she met your mother? That witch that was sent by the devils and trained by his demons to make my life a living hell?
Has she met that woman from whom I have hidden all your failures and up to whom you will never speak in my favour?
Has she met the woman who begrudges me her lack of a grandson when three beautiful princesses glorify our home?
Has she met your drunken brother whose filthy paws constantly grab at my breasts like they belong to him and whose alcoholism you defend and expose our children to?
Has she met your family members to whom you will not confess the true state of our finances but are quick to give them all their heart's desires while I have to sell off one inheritance after the other?
Has she met that good for nothing human waste, Kalu, you call a best friend? I am sure she has. He probably introduced the two of you.
What does she look like?
Who is she?
Is she as stupid as I for staying with you all this time? Praying each day that maybe the man I fell in love in will be the one to return to me from his hard day's work?
So, what do you plan to do with her?
Is she to replace me?
What have I done wrong?
What have I not given you?
My heart? I gave it to you. I don't think you remember what you did with it
My life? I don't know what it is without being miserable with you.
My body? It bears the scars of carrying your seed three times. Of receiving your seed a million times. Irrespective of if I was in the mood or not.
Why are you asking me to look at you when you are not answering my questions?
Why are you telling me this?
You did not tell me before you went to her. Before you thrust into her body that part of you, you used to say was mine.
Was it ever?
Why are you getting angry at my questions?
Do I look angry to you?
*laughs and shakes head*
Why are you looking like that?
Why are you holding your stomach?
What is wrong with you?
Oh, you better answer my questions.
Cos I am not getting up from here until you do.
And there is no way you will get to the hospital on time.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You thought I did not know what you were planning to tell me tonight?
Do I look stupid to you?
I guess I must cos I am amazed you did not know that I knew
Well dear, I always did.
Stop gasping like will wake the kids.
Yeah, those chemicals will do that to you.
It's so funny how selfish you have become.
You don't even realise that we have not eaten together in years.
You don't even notice that I do not eat when you eat because you creep up in here at the most God-awful hours of the day.
Well, better start talking.
I am not sure how much longer you have.
You see, I am stupid.
I did not read the warnings on the label


Anonymous said...


Theres nothing as a horrible as a scorned woman

Guys buyer beware!

I wouldve castrated him 1st b4 poisoning him



Mehn... I swear Jenny is one messed up chick! Just became hooked on the series only for Bimbylads to remove the past chapters from her blog. Anyway, it doesn't take too much to know sey Jenny kolo!

Good one, my sista.


Yay, I'm second, but only because anonymous blocked me....

BiMbyLaDs** said...

ye pa.. I never even read am.. I dey fear.. oya let me go read.. maybe if I publish, Il have this ode @ the front page... deal?

BiMbyLaDs** said...

wow.. how talented.. this is amazing.. Im gonna refer to this on my post right now.. may I? yes thank u.. lol

BiMbyLaDs** said...

Ok done.. ur up there @ the beginning of my blog.. pls pls, dont loose this piece o.. i mean it, if i publish, im gonna use it.. ( we will talk profit later my dear.. lol)

laspapi said...

ok ... this threw me

Olamild said...

The Gloomy night as a fading flower is over!The glorious Morning of Divine Appointment has come for YOU in the month of November as Abundant Provision Replaces Insufficient Life. Welcome to THE Month of November

gishungwa said...

Is it just me or do women in general give up more than men in pursuit of marriage/relationship in the mane of making it work? Somethings are better lost and it hurts at first but better to get out now.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


bumight said...

i just had to go back and read (what's left of) Bimbylad's series. I am more sympathetic towards Wale , but then maybe that's cos I didn't read the earlier series. This is why i can't seem to finish a fictional story i started months (alright! almost a year) back. I get emotionally involved with my own fictional characters!

YankeeNaija said...

DAYUMMMMMMMMMM!!!! *Giving Catwalq a standing ovation* I have no words. I truly have no words. You and Bimbylads need to coordinate and do something. Yours and Bimbylads works are the type I LOVE to read. Thank you.

Aijay said...

Nice one. Jenny's my fave character. Can't wait to see how she deals with Wale.

Anonymous said...

I came here to let you know that CWB is a terrorist, so beware!

Teediva said...

wow. it kinda sounds familiar though, i dont know why. really interesting how we put up with a man's crap only to get the worse end all the time.

@anonymous, y do u think we have to know that? we dont need u telling us anything about anyone, thanks.

Jinta said...

The answer? It's a man thing!

N.I.M.M.O said...

See what I mean? BimbyLads see what you caused now? Its still the She/He thing. See how she just wasted the poor guy for nothing.

Can't we just forgive each other? Abi, what did the guy even do that merited all these harassment? As I say, it takes two to Tango.

@Anonymous: Who sent you message?


BiMbyLaDs** said...

lol @n.i.m.m.o!!

Isi said...

jesus christ!!!!!!! she murdered the guy?!!!!

Waffarian said...

Being the sadist that I am, I hope the death was as painful as her words.

Good one babe!

Isi said...

@waffarian: LMAO!!!
babes, whatever did this to you, i swear i will kill when i jam am. sadist? lol!!

princesa said...

Beautiful and sad at the same time!
I feel the woman's pain but killing her husband, is dat the solution to her problem??

princesa said...

And about TK, i don leave am for you o! You don win!!!

Oya go fulfill ur promise to Solo about the diary & goat farms. No be to make mouth o!

Ugo Daniels said...

now, see all i've lost. Havent really been following da story on bimbylad's blog...quite long. no time but i can totally relate.

'...a woman scorned'

lindwee said...


Jezi Brown said...

eeyah! but i dont think he deserved to die now! tad bit harsh?

Lighty said...

ha ha, fantastis stuff. good one kitty, this fabulous.

Isi said...

um... updates please!

Mrs Somebody said...

Catwalq you are super-talented! I bet you knew that already.

myprivatepart said...

I read your blog and you spook me.

myprivatepart said...

You spook me with your awesome talent and perseptive ways...sad you already have a job and you live in DC...if you ever move up to Ny and want a job like your present one, let me know.

cally-waffybabe said...

Skills babe. I admire your talents girl.
I came over to thank you for your birthday wishes to me on DOG's. I really appreciate.


Idemili said...


(Like I could say anything else).

BiMbyLaDs** said...

lol.. we have the same ish template.., lovely!! lol.. but dont u just hate it that u cant widen it.. wait o.. did u email me on facebook???????!!!

Ekoakete said...

Jeez! That's a bit drastic, isn't it? You've obviously got a flair for writing, been a quiet visitor many a time. Like the new template!

Porter deHarqourt said...


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

@Ola: ewoooooo. castration before poisoning?

@Solomonsydelle: Thank you o jare
No one can block you on this blog

@BimbyLads: use it anyhow you want.

@lapapi: why?

@Olamild: Thanks. Initially, I was not sure what you were on about

@Gishungwa: yeah, one must learn to let go

@The life of a stranger: yeah

@Bumight: lol

@Yankeenaija: Thanks alot. Bowing etc

@Aijay: actually Eniola is my favourite

@Teediva: any woman who looses her mind over some guy has no one but herself to blame

@Jinta: how is it a man thing?

@Nimmo: It does take two to tango and very little to cross the line into insanity after years of mental, emotional and physical torture

@Isi: we don't know o. i guess he had to start talking really fast or maybe she did not do anything at all...who knows?

@Waffarian: that sadism has to be channelled into something more constructive. How does killing her husband help her and her kids out?

@Princessa: from now on you shall refer to me as TK's wife. be respecting...

@Ugo D: relate from where? ewoooo, u have poisoned someone?

@Lindwee: what?

@jezi brown: we did not say that he did

@Lighty: thanksabunsch

@Mrs Somebody: Thanks

@Myprivateparts: Me thinks you might have misunderstood me o. I am an assistant...not the real deal
You should not be spooked out...they are just words

@CWB: happy bai-day jare

@idemmilli: ooooohhhh rightbackatcha

@BimbyLads: men, the yeye template that nearly made me delete my blog...
Not that I can remember...who knows, I might have

@Ekoakete: thanks

@Porterdeharqourt: yes.
where have u been?

Oracle said...

Thatz a nice one Catwalq

Oracle said...

Catwalq, I tag you.
I hope you've not been tagged already .
Check my wordpress blog
30 days of thankfulness.

bighead said...

Wow! Whoever wrote this has some pure talent... Guys, be warned.