Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Father

How much longer is my wait
To realise my fate
when will this dream cease to be
a dream and become a reality for me

Have I made a mistake
That turned me away from you?
Or have I simply not done
all the things you want me to

I sit here and watch others build
build all their heart's desire
rules i refuse to break
lest I walk a painful path of fire

still I cannot say that it's been that bad
cos even on the darkest days, it's not that dark
and the silence still contains whispers
to calm my frantic and panicked heart

Please help me
Father please take me
To the place that I have earned
Hopefully it's the same place I desire as well
if not
Then let me know
where and how far I have to go
because this torture of not being able to know
is becoming a secret hell

Dear Father
I know you hear me
As always you do
Your daughter is wondering
what next she should do
I guess I have to hold on a little longer
Though my arms are tired
cos I am not the only one holding
There's also the ones from whom I am sired.

Still I thank you for my little huge miracles
That make the days pass pleasant
And cushions to the falls
so the scrapes are distant
Help me be what you want me to be
A replica in the image of thee
so that I can manifest to me
The dreams that only I see


Jaja said...

You ve gone all deepish and introspective now...

ibilola said...

abeg help me beg baba 2 o! E go betta

Jinta said...


Idemili said...

Great poem! You changed your template too.

Arewa said...


princesa said...

Be patient dear.
Your fate will soon be revealed.

omo-obanta said...

I'm doing ok, I was feeling the same as your poem. amazing...

exschoolnerd said...

lovely lovely poem..Dont worry baba God knows all ur heart's desires and has something special planned for u.

Pix Gremlin (akin) said...

Nicely done piece of poetry.

Aijay said...

Amen! May He lead us all.


Amin, oh! You will get through. God will never let you down.

Antoine said...

Piercing and so conscious piece of poetry, my type of poems certainly. Hope a father writes a reply to that letter! Cheers

Olamild said...

Love the flow

Zena said...

I guess we're all in our own way asking and waiting, He'll answer,
Thanks for stopping

UnNaked Soul said...

now you are deep... and you'll ask me not to fall into that same abyss...

besides we need to talk... email me (datchild@gmail.com)

I have some serious questions for you

Ugo Daniels said...

You know what they say about asking EXACTLY wats needed and receiving it. God will surely answer your prayers. Cheers!!

gishungwa said...

to God's ears. make a copy for me too.

Afrobabe said...

amen....I am also running out of patience..but hey what can one do...

shola pacheco said...

me sef dey pray ur kind of prayer sooner baba loke go remember us

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Jaja: u return

Ibilola: we are all in with our applications o

Jinta: Yes o, Uncle

Idemmili: yeah, had an upgrade. Thanks

Arewa:Thank you for the encouragement

Princessa: May The Blessings Be

Omo-Obanta: Hmnnnn. I guess it is not only us

Exshoolnerd: thank you o. That's what i need to hear

Akin Aworan: thank you.It's actually more like a prayer

Aijay: May The Blessings Be

Solomonsydelle: My inlaw. Thank you o.

Antoine: Thanks. Cheers

Olamild: Thanks

Zena: I am waiting on him

Unnaked: u email me...catwalqb@gmail.com

Ugo D: Cheers to you too

Gishugwa: cut and paste away jare

Afrobabe: pls be patient so you don't reverse all the good work that Holy Spirit has done so far

Shola Pacheo: I don't think He has forgotten. It's just that sometimes one can't help but be discouraged by the wait for the package of his blessings to arrive

laspapi said...

You want to share what ails thee, catwalq?

Vickii said...

This is a really beautiful prayer.

N.I.M.M.O said...

May the Blessings Be.

I know if you check your mail, you would find the reply there. (You know how to.)