Monday, April 30, 2007

where have u been?

Moi: (taking the phone from the househelp) Hello

CO: Hi, it's me...Chinedu

Moi: Oh Hi...long time

CO: (chuckles)

Moi: What is so funny?

CO: You are.

Moi: ( suddenly very irritated) U called me for jokes? Where on earth have u been? What do you want?

CO: I...

Moi: If you have nothing to say, I am very busy.

CO: Wait, I am sorry. I am trying to explain myself here.

Moi: For what?

CO: (sighs) Look, I was a complete asshole. I was a bit scared....I did not know what else to do and when the opportunity presented itself to leave for a while I took it.

Moi: Uhm-hmn

CO: I need to see you. We cannot talk over the phone. We need to...I need to talk to you. I have to explain myself

Moi: I am very busy besides I am not at home

CO: Really? cos I just saw your mum and she said that you were in.

Moi: I am not at home for you to come and see me. And since when did mumsie start talking to you. She does not like you...

CO: Uh...she said...

Moi: Like I said, I am not home.

CO: (silence)

Moi: (silence)

CO: (silence)

Moi: If you are not going to say anything, I have to go. Have got stuff to do.

CO: (sighs) Look XXXXX.... I just want to know how you are doing.

Moi: Well, I am no longer pregnant if that's what you want to know.

CO: I know that... XXXXX, u're not making this easy

Moi: Then why are you calling? Do you expect us to pick up where you left off or what do you take me for? I am not making this easy? #@%& you!!!!!

CO: (voice rising a bit) I am just trying to fix this!

Moi: Fix what? But you already did when you left! It was fixed loud and clear when you treated me like you did Suzy and all those your other LAG girls...

CO: (silence)...

Moi: (silence)

CO: I am sorry.

Moi: (voice shaking) Chinedu, it took me a long time...I cannot do this right now. I don't want to see you. please do not call me. don't speak to anyone that lives in this house with me. If you see me coming, avoid me. If our friends ask, tell them I offended you and we fought...tell them whatever you like. I don't care at this point. I am tired and i barely made it through with my sanity intact.


Moi: ( I hang up)

( then I lock myself in my room and cry for four hours. Till mum comes home and I have to help prepare pupsie's dinner)


ExcitedJade said...

pele oh... i just read ur blog today.. will definitely be back

ma worry about CO.. it is well

catwalq said...

i just need time to myself right now

Surviving with Truth said...

omg! i'm so sorry. i've had friends who aborted- they felt at the time, that they had to- but they still talk about their experiences and when they do, i know that they still feel the whole ordeal. its not an easy thing to go through. i havent read the other posts but i will not- dont know what to say- just take care of yourself. may God help you through this

יושה (Yosh) said...

those must've been tough moments...Be strong, you'd be good...

Ugo Daniels said...

Showing some luv at these trying periods of ya life. S.A.F.E babes

UnNaked Soul said...

hold on girl... be strong... want me to get you a cup o' tea?

temmy tayo said...

Be strong, be courageous, all will be well.

Toerayjetsue said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. what does Di ra mah mean ?


catwalq said...

@ Toritseju: Di-rah-mah = Drama. Spelled like a Yoruba person would pronounce it