Saturday, April 28, 2007

What happened to Daniel Schutzmann?

Any fans of Footballers Wives out there?

Does anyone know what happened to my sweet, sweet Brit playing an Italian?

I was so hooked on this guy. I bought Seasons 1-3 only to find out that he does not return after the second season and neither does Nathan Constance and his wife donna nor chardonnay and Jason Turner


Zoe Lucker's Character Tanya Turner is still there so I guess there is some sort of consolation


dairy of a G said...

Can't help u there
I dig chicks
I aint never heard of him

am here cause I saw your coment
about me: Dairy Of A G on ijeoma obu iheoma's page.
me and her have history thats why I said what I said

catwalq said...

oh ok

Anonymous said...

Works in harrods as a perfume boy