Monday, September 20, 2010

People I read II

Blog Name: Ask a Korean

What is it about: Questions about Korean culture are submitted via email and responded to in order and with the discretion of the blog handler who identifies himself as The Korean, and takes on the task of providing his personal insight to the Korean experience both in the United States and on the home continent of East Asia

Why I read it: Infused with sarcastic humour, the blog provides an insightful take on the workings of a brilliant individual who has the difficult task of navigating within an external culture that is both his and then not. The Korean is a naturalized uS citizen and so has both strong ties to his country of birth as well to his country of residence. There is also the issue that The Korean's family had to flee Northern Korea, the more totalitarian and oppressive state to South Korea, which we are more conversant with, before coming to the United States.

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Tisha said...

do koreans eat humans?

I know somewhere in Asia, they eat black men.
defend away...

Ms. Catwalq said...

@Tisha: I don't think there is anywhere in Korean where that is being done...there were some pictures that surfaced on the internet showing a group of Asians butchering and cooking what appeared to be a human corpse belonging to a black man. While the pictures were very alarming and convincing there were further reports stating that the pictures were doctored. So, if that is your source of information, I would not rely on that until there is further evidence.

In anycase, there is canibalism all over the world for different reasons. Even in Nigeria.

To answer your question: No, human meat is not a Korean delicacy