Saturday, July 10, 2010

My latest film project: Score

A few months ago, I took a video production class where we were asked to each pitch an idea to the class with the best idea becoming the class project. I wrote SCORE, inspired by music from Jesse Chui and i got to direct it as part of the class project.

It is about a woman's relation ship with her piano.

Written & Directed by: Me
Produced & Edited by Ishu Krishna
The Advanced Video Production Class
Cast: Peggy Nichols
Torsten Spitzka
The Piano

Score from Ishu Krishna on Vimeo.


bArOquE said...

WOW...this sounds interesting...I'l go & check out all those links on a proper system...btw, I wish you good success in your class project


I really liked it, babe!!!!


Good job!!!!!

PS: the actual score for this piece was captivating. What a lovely piece of music.

Brilliantly Me said...

I loves it!!!

Kafo said...


have to hear this one again