Thursday, August 09, 2007

FRUSTRATED (while I prepare to present Academie's sequel)

As usual, when I am preparing to update my blogs, I skim through my favourite blogs both for inspiration as well as to try and discern the general mood in blogville. If the trend is to be serious, I try and interject some philosophical reasoning into my posts and if levity is the mood, I strive to accomodate.

Blogville has opened my mind and heart to discourses that I feel in my estimation need to be experienced by all. From politics to erotica, blogville has something for you. Nigerian bloggers are much more special because their insights are borned out of surviving in a country which has little or nor respect for the workings of a creative mind. The average person has no patience to comprehend how much work it taked to craft words into literary sculptures to pique interest, seduce the intellect and hammer home a strong message. They are too busy with the business of surviving.

That is why I would think that Governor Fashola will have much more on his plates than to push sanctions of the choice of wardrobe of the modern Nigerian. The hypocrisy of this witch hunt is so blatant, it is disgusting. The same people screaming for moral reform are unwilling to tackle issues like sexual and domestic abuse, human rights violations, economic corruption and trafficking of any kind.

I need an explanation of how the sight of skin is going to affect the price of fuel. I need to know how a man choosing to braid his hair is going to provide constant eletricities so that students can study, businesses can run and people can enjoy the small, modest comforts of their homes.

Our forefathers and foremothers walked around (in most cultures) in loin cloths, completely unashamed and UNAFFECTED with the sight of exposed skin. In comes the puritanistic and pervasively conservative caucasian missionaries and they brainwash an entire people into believing that they are ugly and backward and we accept it and pass it on both directly and subliminally to subsequent generations.

Maybe we are, or how can you explain that a majority faith leader issues the ban on what a woman can wear to worship and immediately the entire congregation accepts it because, like in the worship of shrines, God apparently resides in one place.

My aunt who agrees with this idea of women not being ALLOWED to wear trousers to church told me she felt so because it is a garment associated with men. I corrected her by saying that it is a garment associated with freedom: freedom of mobility. A man is free to move around and do what he wants while women are forced to scurry about in the shadows so as not to terrify the man when he realises that the woman, if given the opportunity will accomplish alot and possibly more than he can. Am I now to cater to the insecurities of all men who cannot define themselves exclusive of the worship, adoration and deference of women?

I think amongst our people of sheep, God is a semi senile, absent minded caucasian MAN with a long beard and a quick temper who forgets what is going on and then remembers with swift "punishments" for those who erred whilst he was sleeping.

Nigerians, please wake up. You are sliding further and further into the backwardness of ignorance and hypocrisy. You are ruled by fear in all that you do. The western world sees this and capitalises on it and you say nothing.You refuse to challenge those whom you know are responsible for your problems, instead, you in turn inflict more pain on yourselves and on others or you chase after matters that have little or no bearing on the immediate situation. Case in point, the administrative board using HIV and pregnancy tests as a combatant for pre-marital sex when most HIV victims contracted the virus from our pathetically substandard medical practices. Please go to every university in the country, no matter how low on the radar and you will be shown, if you ask which youth are mistresses and boy toys to the wealthy and powerful. Start using your brains, there is a reason why that organ was placed in your head, above all other organs so you can think and reason from a higher perspective.

Some might say, why are you speaking out? Is it because you are one of those women who dresses indecently? I ask, then, what is decency and by whose standards do we measure it? Some people think that it is immoral to patronise and perform in the arts; to them all form of vocal talent that can be displayed is immoral and for the more silent ones like the fine arts, they are a waste of time. There are some that consider the advancements of technology such as the television and radio backward.Some think I am immoral for even speaking at all because as a woman, i guess their understanding is that, as a woman, I am only supposed to use my voice in acquiescence to whatever oppressive and represive situation I am faced with. Are these the people I am supposed to watch blindly while they attempt to come between me and my destiny?

How dare I even think to challenge the status quo? Well, the status quo is rubbish; an amalgamation of ill conceived ideas, structured to keep a certain group of people in control of a nation of people who are just like sheep.

I am getting increasingly frustrated that there will be no country for my children to grow up in. Our neighbours are leaving us behind. We call ourselves the "Giant of Africa" but now Nigeria is appearing more and more like the good for nothing big brother with an over inlated image of himself. And I am panicked to think of how many women and men will get hurt by these recent developments

I am tired and I need to know what I can do.


Afolabi said...

you got it right, "brainwashed". But what baffels me is the way we hold on tight to these values we no longer need. What do moral laws have to do with enforcing civic laws that are mean t for the development of our country. God!!we are going backwards oh! Hopefully, this will pass,the stupid government officials won't be able to carry out this new policy effectively, like other policies they set up.

princesa said...

First! First!! First!!!

princesa said...

Oh mi Gawd!!
Who is afolabi and where is he from?!?!
See as i don dey jubilate say am first only to see afolabi siddon for my space.

princesa said...

Ok am consoling myself am first, second and third.

Now to the post.
Am also asking all these questions o!
Our leaders seem not to even have a blueprint worked out for the development of this country. They are just chasing shadows while the major issues are being neglected.

God help us o!

Nyemoni said...

I could go on and on about this silly issue..... catwalq what's up at the Academy now?

Waffarian said...

My dear, I was too shocked when I read about it. The problem is that we always ready to accept shit in our country. Everytime, shit happens, we sit back and ask for more! We are such fucking hypocrites and we all know it! You 've said it, we are sliding backwards and untill we are ready to face the truth about ourselves, there is no hope for us. Education has not been able to help us, because we are stuck in a circle of lies!

And my darling, don't think I do not appreciate all your comments and encouragement on my blog, I appreciate you and I am happy to have met you in blogville! Thank you very much!

Kpakpando said...

biko catwalq is this the acadenie we've been asking for? mind yourself o!
sorry Nigeria is a depressing topic, there's no rhyme and reason as to what goes on there


Speak on it, my sister! I blogged about it last week and continue to be stupified by the consequences of the 'indecency' campaign started by the Lagos Commissioner of Police. Are you aware that women are now being raped on account of this nonesense? And, i must remind everyone that there is no law in Lagos or in the Nigerian Constitution against 'indecent' dressing or any kind of dressing for that matter.

Continue to speak out. We all must do so in our own way. Thank you for keeping this story going!!!!

Onada said...

We need to continue praying for our country and its leaders.

Anonymous said...

that fashion police thing in LAGOS is doing my head is saddening!it is a retarded law!it shows thelevel of education of the IG and the Governor!i am upset thiknig about it.. imean how does the way a woman dress improve things in the country,see armed robbery,no water,no power,bad roads and yetthey choose to conecentrate on DRESSING! i am so pissed!

Aijay said...

The situation in Nigeria is very annoying. With the sorry excuse we've got for leaders. My dear don't let it get you frustrated cos that will only earn you a one way ticket to depression.

Atutupoyoyo said...

Cat baby. Those are really rousing words and I can feel the passion in them.

Don't think that you are sitting idly by. You are underestimating the power of the written word. It is this that will evoke the action and rebellion needed in that country. We must not lose hope o! It is our country and even if you can change just one person's worldview a day then that is something.

Surviving with Truth said...

to pretend and try to fool us that they're doing something positive, they make up irrelevant laws, and abolish stupid acts that really is just that; irrelevant. While they're there stuffing their pockets full of gazillions of dollars that doesnt belong to them. Dont mind them. Karma is real sha

For the love of me said...

Yes I agree we must do something, anything at all is a step, whatever you can think of catwalq, I am behind you.

יש (Yosh) said...

WORD, hon! WORRD! I don't have any addition to this, but you totally pwnd the topic! :) Starting from the society's indifference or to some extent, inappreciativeness to the arts and humanities.

Simply put, misplaced priorities and an epitome of a confused society!

Have a good weekend hon and hopefully you'd be able to resettle to the, uh, Academie behind-the-scenes.


akin aworan said...

Yeah, what Yosh said!

30+ said...

Blogville has opened my eyes to the extraordinary talent and knowledge that we have in Nigeria.
So it is obvious that the main issue is not lack of knowledge, we are not backward(at least not in our minds) our eyes are qide open to see what is happening in neigbouring countries.
The main issue we have is Greed and that being of a few.

Greed is wanting more than what you deserve, this lazy few people are not ready to work hard but want the best of life. They are ready to mortgage their souls, their future and the future of the yet unborn to fulfill their ambitions.
Politics is one way to get all that they want, money, fame and power, they become semi gods.

How has the Fame of these Tyrants grown since they have made women their no 1 priority, it does not matter whether it is good or bad, they have become famous. How powerful do they feel they are when ladies suddenly start scurrying at the sites of the enforcers. And what money do you want when the country / state's loot is in your bedroom and bank account.

What can you do?

Well some fight with their voice, some with their blood, some with ink.

A piece like yours is what should be on the headlines of the morning newspaper, it echoes the agony in the heart of many.

Prayers they say work wonders but I sometime wonder if God has not done to us as Nehemiah 9 vs 29-30. Indeed Ghana is making waves, even our super eagles have nothing super about them.

I do fear that praying by faith without repentant actions is lighting a matchstick in the wind.

My only hope is that somehow God will have mercy, that somehow tomorrow the remnants left in Nigeria and in diaspora who have not bowed to BAAL (GREED) will rise again and work hand in hand to make a difference.

Until then I think of motherland and sigh Mercy and Grace Lord

30+ said...


I/We are waiting for Academie and I want to audition for Teachers Girl (heey).

Anonymous said...

FAntastic writeup.. you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! i mean i thought it was a joke when i read it somewhere today... but apparently not... this is unbelievable.. naija is just falling apart... WTF

Nwanyi Ocha said...

My sentiments exactly Catwalq -

Arresting for indecent dressing! WTF!

where do we even begin to make this right? I get so worked up thinking about my people, frustration does not even begin to cover it. *hiss*

Lord help us!

Ugo Daniels said...

Did i hear someborri say cyber protest! I'm game

catwalq said...

@ Everyone: thanks for taking time to comment, especially as you were anticipating an update on the academie.

@Afolabi: moral laws cannot be enforced because they are highly subjective and they change with the times. The only laws I want are freedom and responsibility. U r free to steal as long as you pay the price. What you look like or dress like has no bearing on that.

@princessa: sorry about your position but afolabi beat u to it.
well said about our leaders. they have no blue print because they are not trained. Most of them got there by connections and not as a result of the merits of their service to the country so how will/ can they understand what the tasks before them are.

@Nyemoni: it is on its way. I just took some time to try and shed light on a sore that s festering on my country's leg.

@Waffarian: I am with you. Thanks for your compliments and on yours I was only teasing

@kpakpa: no o. I was just so disgusted. I put Academie on the back burner till I could get it all off my chest.

@solomonsydelle: the catastrophe has begun... hmn

@Onada: I think we need to reinforce prayer with action. I have been praying since I could speak. I am 23 and fed up.

@Pink Satin: and the news has nothing on it. I checked Guardian... nothing

@aijay: I cannot get depressed about Nigeria. It is like a family member that is not quite right in the head and we have to find a way to ship him to aro

@AtuP: thanks sweetie

@Surviving with the TRUTH!!!: yes, karma is real and for some people, I don't want to be there when it becomes a bitch.

@For the love: I am trying to work with Funmi Iyanda. Go to her blog page and see what you can do.

@Yosh: I just love you. It is as simple as that. thanks for your support

@akin aworan: lol

@30+: amen. we all have to say something. we made waves with the Nigerian Proclamation. We can do it again.

@Overwhelmed: it is not a joke o. it is reality that is spiralling out of control.

@Nwanyi Ocha: We can start by waying something about it.

@Ugo Daniel: and I am with you. who was the person that started that proclamation thing sef? we need to write one. I am not good with write ups that have to sound like he law. If I write something, it will be my views and might not be the same as others. what do you suggest?

Anu boy said...

YAAY!!! i am 23rd... lol...

mehn babes, i thot i was joking when i heard ladies and men would be arrested for dressing anyhow...

My God, is that the way forward??? what happened to the many ARMED robbers on the streets, killing people anyhow... what happened to the electricity.... water.. jobs, social infrastructures, the people that steal public money.... as in, when will 9ja move forward,

so now, i no get freedom to do wetin i wan do abi, even if i wan dye my hair pink, whose buisness, mehn u do not like it, then face ya front...
wo people, na them know oh,

GOD de

diary of a G said...

they say democracy is the best form
of government, yet the PEOPLE will never be in control nor will their voices be heard

that's why am a rebel

The Last King Of Scotland said...

love dis post which raises even more awareness


All you can do is continue to speak out; let you VOICE be heard!

Great post!

...toyintomato said...

.this is true talk. actsual fact,i knew you wuld use serious oyinboism and grammer to show all those people.
...i tried to write about this , but my grammer deficiency failed me.

..see how ignoramous, concobility is cashing this underground illiterate politicians,, i tire oh. fery head is on fire right now as i thinks about , the nonsensiliblity and total joblessness that entered into those people to put up that law.
..oya, let me go and drink water to cool down...
orekelewa toyin-tomato
signin out as a result of speakin 2 mush englis..heheh

O.šeyï said...


No worries babe... you and more than half our generation share the same thoughts. We have the same fears, "where will Nigeria be tomorrow?" Honestly, i think we should think about it more like a half a glass full than half a glass empty. If you get your mind thinking positive, you will see positive and see how to contribute positively. I know people that are leaving their itty bitty marks here and there... thats what we need. We cant compare ourselves to the West, they're 100 years or so ahead of the game. We need more time, we need more education and most of all we need a patient, dedicated & vocal population... ;) I'm loving your voice though. We need more of this!

Insha Allah, it'll be better.

chidi said...

great post!........& yeah im back to blogging again now!

Anonymous said...

True words my dear... very true words. One cant help but think dat our "leaders" have well and truly lost it.. talk bout misplaced priorities!!!! Its a sad sad thing and wats even sadder is the way we all sit back and take it in.. lap it all up and say "THANK U" when someone strikes us across the face.. May God save us from ourselves!!

UnNaked Soul said...

You have spoken.
You dropped it like its hot.
LOL @ "The average person has no patience to comprehend how much work it taked to craft words into literary sculptures to pique interest, seduce the intellect and..."

we have enough talent in this country to make (forgive me) shakespear seem like a nursery school dropout... but heck, God is a white man... LOL

we need a resolution and not a revolution... *wink*

Jaja said...

It really did it for me, this your post.

lost-not yet found said...

Things are not as bad as they appear... seriously.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! i couldnt wait to read it all when i saw what it was about. i was so incensd by this 'law', i could hardly rant about it. i sooo wanted to blog about the subject but i was too emotional about it, plus i wasn't sure i'd do it justice.
i mean, what the hell?? we all thought it was ridiculus to impose a dress code on universities, but it happened. we lived, we moved on. but to do this??? it is unwaranted, unrealistic and highly baseless. breach of human rights, freedom of expression... and all that. arghhh!!!
i didnt believe it until it came into our schools. yes oh, apparently these 'enforcers of the law' have poked their unwelcome noses into several classrooms in the university to warn our students of indecent exposure.
but what reeeeeal galls me is the degree of exposure that is considered indecent... i mean, sleeveless tops?? come the f**k on!!

sorry for practically blogging on your comments.. particularly when i'm certain u must'v saidall this already! i will now humbly go and read the rest of it properly.

Anonymous said...

this was so much more than i thought...

ok, while i'm not exactly excited at the barest hint of anti-religion i sensed, i'm all for the feminist thought. the trousers-rule in Churches i think, is just because religious leaders feel the need to assert some form of control, in the sense that, they are fully aware that we live in a fast-advancing, secular world, and also realise that wearing different clothes doesnt neccessarily a sinner make, however it's just like a dress code to separate the Church from the street. a sign of respect, in a way. just my opinion. also there is a thing in the Bible about not cross-dressing that has admittedly been blown out of proportion in several cases.

i like the concept of trousers representing freedom of thought, action, freedom in its entirety- that was cool!

i think also, i detected a somewhat extreme view/perception of the female superiority thing? none of mine, so will not attempt to argue that out, since the only thing i will be arguing is degrees anyway, and by what wil i measure?

all in all, really liked this. felt like reading an article, a highly opinionated and very interesting one... how far with your getting-published-aspirations? ok thats by-the-by.
i'm finally done!!!

Anonymous said...

"You are the Nigeria, and the changes begin with you"

Kaydey said...

"You are Nigeria, I am Nigeria, Everyone is Nigeria, if you guys want to end all the negative complaints about Nigeria, it should begin with you, me, and everyone in this room. I am Nigeria, the Changes begin with me. Take that to your brain and get moving " an excerpt from an article ..
and it has summarized all I have to say

Omodudu said...

par the trouser thingy... this guys are just self serving..and probably fooling around with women but feel the need for the public self righteousness thingie. don't know though.

Baroque said...

this particular issue crawls up/down my spine like spiders; the major questions are is the sight of skin going to affect the price of prtroleum products? is a man choosing to braid his hair going to provide constant eletricity so that students can study, businesses can run and people can enjoy the small, modest comforts of their homes?