Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Once again I am back.
I think it is safe to say that it is a good thing that I do not get paid for this blog coz I would have been fired by now.
However, life is coming along fine.
I am hoping for a large change soon and I think I might be coming out of my life hiatus to get a job and a boyfriend.
I am watching on TV, The Intern by PHC Bank and listening to Same Ni by DJ Azeez. The latter u can see then video on youtube
I am so in love with this video.
And oh, Naija pple are stepping up. Check out Psquare
will gist u all that has been happening all this while later


Seye F. said...

Hi, i really do not know what to say but my ex-girl friend kinda mentioned stumbling across your page and mentioned that an eckist had a interesting blog about going to the recent worldwide but she didnt tell me where for fear i might "hook up with you".However, this is after 7 years of trying to convice her about the merits of eckankar and im astounded at how an educated person like her thinks, ive noticed that when my logical explanations are beginin to make sense she switches to the most ignorant person and hell starts becoming real and demonic practices like soul travel or astral projection start coming out.ive come to a point in my life where i think ive had it up to my ears to the "hypnotic ignorance" of people of a particular religious group. This has also affected my inability to be in a steady relationship because most of them are all really a violation of my psycic space. One person is either praying for me to become something else or some chics mum is telling me light doesnt mix with darkness. Why should your religious difference cost you so much. If all religions were practiced right half of the worlds problems would be solved cos they basically all come from the same source and all have bits and pieces of eachother in eachother.I refuse to compromise who i am and whoever cant love me exactly the way i am should jump into the deepest part of wherever.I wish we could talk one on one cos theres litrarily an "ice box" where my heart used to be and im losing it in that department.

bv 668 jjj said...

well this is me as well