Thursday, March 22, 2007
What is wrong with these people?
I am amazed at these Moslems. I am an Eckist and you cannot imagine how many times people have said rude things about me and my choice of faith. As the third largest faith in Nigeria, I wonder what would happen if every Eckist reacted because someone did something to offend our doctrine.
When will Moslems/ Christians and any member of the orthodox faith learn that the greatest defense you can give of your faith and your belief in God is how you choose to live your life. Burning down cities and killing non believers does not make you faithful, it makes you an embarrassment unto your teachings. That was how those ignorant fools cost us the priviledge of hosting the Miss World Contest in 2002 because they claimed that some journalist had insulted Prophet Mohamed. According to my research, he had many wives, an indication that indeed like the journalist said, he had an appreciation and an eye for the ladies. I am not going to go into the fact that he married one at thirteen......
I wonder what they are going to burn down as a result of this blog now.
Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!

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geisha said...

dont wanna sound spoiled or condescending or whatever other negative vibe u might get.. but could u explain/describe ur faith? what is it about, what does it entail, what are the beliefs involved, worship..
i guess i can google it, but if u would just humour me?