Saturday, October 29, 2005

It has been quite a while.
What have I been going through? Quite alot. We have lost our first lady, (and rumours have it that she died under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon).I do not want to join the hordes of hypocrites who are heaping upon her the accolades. When she was alive, she was definitely not one of the women I held in high esteem and if indeed these rumours are true, that she died trying to undergo cosmetic surgery, then indeed she lived a life unworthy of mention. I am yet to find out one great thing she did in the scheme of contributing to the plight of Nigerian women. Till date, there have been no laws protecting women from physical abuse or sexual abuse. No laws to prevent and protect them from sexual harassment and discrimination. We have thousands fleeing the country in search of a better life in Europe, only to become sex workers who will either die from STDs like AIDS or will be deportrd in shame. All I ever knew her for was over dressing, excessive make up and her attendnace at parties. I did not even know that she had children, let alone a son at the age that he was.She was not too well liked or respected but I guess with death, alot fades from the minds of the living about the life of the deceased. I am alive and I know she will be missed by those who loved her but I was never impressed or intrigued by her. So, rest in peace, Stella, wherever you as soul have earned.
There has been a plane crash that killed over a hundred people including some very prominent memebers of our government. We had a bunch of exams and I did not do too well on some of them.
When Chinedu got up from my bed, he was very angry but as usual, he said not a word. He got dressed and did it as slowly as he possibly could. I did not try to hurry him. I think he was trying to buy time, hoping that Ibinabo will be at my door when he got there. If I had asked him to speed up his dressing, he might have flown off the handle. I know he does not like to share me with someone. I don't like to share him either but the web of deceit we have woven round each other cannot allow us to do otherwise. Our friends would not understand and we would be pressured into trying to make sure that our relationship works. Most likely it wouldn't, but you never know.
Neither one of our families would accept the other. My parents think that Chinedu is a ne'er-do-well with too indulgent parents and Chinedu's family would never accept a Yoruba daughter-in-law.
Oh my God! Did I just say 'daughter-in-law'? I can't imagine that I am actually contemplating being married to him. To Chinedu. But let's think about it for a minute. What will it belike being Mrs Ozodia. It probably would be nice. He is from a wealthy family and he is very ambitious. I know he has a thriving transport business. He runs two taxi's on the Unilag campus and has two danfo buses running on the island. Though all this fuel hike and police settling is not that favourable to him, he does quite well. He also throws parties and his club or fraternity or whatever you want to call them, is always giving one soiree or the other that he is usually in charge of organising. Thus, more dough to his pocket. He is quite generous and I think that besides the girls and in some cases, women, he is quite honest. He never really comes out to tell you that you are dating and so when one hears of another woman, his excuse is that 'we were never official.' I think I will hav ewhat every woman aspires to have in a husband: comfort,protection,companionship, some luxuries, hopefully healthy and definitely beautiful children and mind blowing sex.
WOW! That man has perfected the art of lovemaking. Last time, I thought, I was going to burst my vocal cords. you cannot help but scream. And he does not just take, he shows you how to give. The first time I thought to try oral sex, he declined. He told me that he knew I would not be comfortable with it and he would not want that. I went and borrowed a whole bunch of porn for reference.I can still see the baffled and sneering faces of the video store clerks as I checked them out. Practiced with a banana till I felt I had got the hang of it, then the next time we met, I went to work. His reaction introduced me to a new power that I had. I could blow real good. Many women, especially African women find oral sex to be dirty or appalling or something only hookers do. I do not think so. I believe that If you have never had it done to you, you would feel the same. Chinedu had introduced it to me from the very beginning and I was able to discover the wonders of multiple orgasms. i thought to reciprocate the feeling and I can tell you that I succeeded. He is the only man I do that to.
Ibinabo is not boring in bed. I do not find his touch distasteful but I 'have been there, done that'. He is gentle and very careful. His movements are methodical. He knows the places to touch to bring me to my quickest arousal and we have never gone past thirty minutes. The first time we hit a two hour mark and an alarming number of condoms, Chinedu and i went seperately to find the morning after pill. We had done it all and we had had fun. It's not even all the time we have sex. Sometimes, we talk. He is upset, he talks to me. Before last summer, we talked all the time. That was why we got along so well. I was privy to a side of him that no one in our clique of friends had access to. I knew what it had been like living in london, how his mother's death had affected him, his relationship with his father and step mother, his relationship with his siblings, what he wanted to do with his life, why he loved mathematics and why he did not like reading. I knew all the scars on his body and which ones were from deeper wounds than the others. I knew how much of a baby he was whenever he was ill. I knew he did not like fish and was allergic to shrimp. I found out the last one by mistake but in time. I prepared a dish and gave him some. His face swole up like a balloon. I cried all the way to the hospital and then, I could not drive so he still had to drive himself to Ikeja general hospital, speeding like a maniac, trying to out run the shutting off of his eyes. We did not tell anyone because then we would have had to explain, why we had been hanging out by ourselves. And that was months before we started sleeping together. Those were the days. Watching movies, going to see plays.
When I had just graduated from Queen's College, he would take me during the period I was at home for a year, to plays at his school. Usually, we went as a group from the estate but I would be seated next to him and we would unsuccessfully try to whisper our comments during the show.
The one time, I went to see a play with Ibinabo, he fell asleep. How can anyone sleep with all the noise and drumming coming from the stage as well as the loud reactions from the crowd.
Ibinabo loves to read...boring books. He is safe to be with. Do I love him? No. I will not leave him though. He is my security blanket.
So when he bumped into Chinedu and I as he was leaving my room, we immediately launched into a conversation about a project and whether or not Chinedu was going to give me 'the thing'. Ibinabo could not follow or understand what was going on and assumed Chinedu's 'reluctance' to give me 'the thing' stemmed from lack of money. He gave me N15,ooo before he left. I did not feel guilty taking his money. I know about the girl from church that his parents want him to marry and how much he actually likes her.


Rayo said...

Wow, your life sounds like a story. Wish I was living it.

uknaija said...

You tell a fantastic story and I'm never quite sure if it's all true or all fiction or somewhere in between, whatever it is, it's should get this published, even if it's under a pseudonym.......