Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Growing Up Naija: Episode II

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tobenna said...

Boarding house!
The tales plenty!

Tatababe said...

This is Hilarious but sooooo TRUE! Boarding school was full of adventures.
LOL at the guy that talked about using 2 bowls of water to bathe....rob & shine yo, required skill for boarding house hehe

Chizy K said...

lol... for me it was fun cos i got in at ss3 lol... i know that's cheating

mizchif said...

lol. I think i'm in love with the smiley light-skinned guy.

These are gangster boarding school stories though. i feel like the boarding experience got less traumatic over the years.

Anonymous said...

Oby's story was so disgusting and traumatizing. Thank God I never went to boarding school. Proud Ajebo.
And the light skinned guy in the pink shirt has the most hilarious facial expressions.
I loved it.