Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What next

I have had a nickname for years as a result of my hair. It is....Bumbum Poullet. That is, the back end of a chicken. As in, the hair on my head is so thin and feathery that it resembles the hair on the butt of a chicken. For the most part, I have learned to live with it. In my childhood, I looked on in silent, grieving envy as classmates showed up to class on Monday sporting the weekly hairstyle. I said nothing when my "suku" (cornrows in a bun) did not quite make it into the scrunchie or when my "kolese" (cornrows facing forward) never fell over my face and instead stood like a row of pimples on my shiny forehead. I endured it all because I knew my time would come.

For it had been written that once I graduated from secondary school, I would be allowed to whatever I wanted with my hair. I could put in a perm, extensions, straw, sand or anything that I wanted to make up for my lack of natural, thick, fast growing tresses.

And for the most part I did. Had so much fun. Thought I was the sexiest thing ever.

Then I moved to the United States.

And doing my hair was the same cost as some kid's school fees...

So i tried to learn to perm my hair myself. Lost 1/3 of it.

Then I got a friend to braid it. Lost 1/3 of it.

Got a professional to braid it. Got some of it back

Put in extensions with glue. Lost 1/2 of it again.

Then I cut it all off. So lost most of it.

It grew and I permed it back.

Then I put in a few weaves... the whole front of my hair left me when I took the weaves out.

Put in braids....

And now they must come off.

I am now faced with a few scenarios:

As I have not permed my hair in donkey months, most of it is back to its natural stat. However, I have no hair line. At this rate, I can join the Balogun Market chapter of Lagos Market women and fit right in with my hair line that starts from the center of my brain.


Should I take out my braids, perm my hair and cut it into a style so there is no weight on the front of my head?

Put in another round of braids...pick-and-drop with curls

or a full head of i don't have to put in any more chemicals and I can just keep my head natural.

The costs vary, the out come varies...but the hair remains poullet-esque.

I have been eyeing the Victoria Beckham cut for a while...

What say you, my dear friend?


omobolanle said...

you need to give your hair a much needed break from the relaxers and tension from braiding, no doubt uve heard about traction alopecia, might be why u have no hair line..

i guess ur best option will be wear a weave, just dont forget to look after ur hair underneath

all the best!

Myne Whitman said...

I am of the same opinion with the first poster, softly put in weaves gives hair time to recover. You may cut the hair though and use wigs while it grows out.

Anonymous said...

Say no to weaves and perms. I can't believe women wear weaves and wigs in that hot sun o_O
I say you wear your natural hair and embrace it.
Check out this site:

SHE said...

LOL. I feel you on the hairline jare.

I suggest you put in a weave.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

Chop off your hair. I just did!! lol..

mizchif said...

OMG! You just caused me rib cracking laughter dis geh.

I would say hair tends to do better with less chemicals, so you could try keeping away from the relaxer and get a full head of weave which if done properly should put little or no tension on the hair beneath, while u still treat your hair under the weave and nourish it as much as possible.

Bimby u are brave oh.

Ms. Catwalq said...

@Bimbylads: I have already done that...The Chrisette Michelle/Alek Wek look is not working on me for now as I my face is 40 pounds wider

Thirty + said...

Lol - I know too well the Lagos market woman syndrome, I wear mine with pride.

Have you thought of Skin Pari :)

I seriously gave it some thought last friday but no Liver to go through with it yet.