Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pride comes before a fall

In two consecutive years, I had roommates while in College that made me constantly mad because our personal levels of hygiene were on different scales. One came from a home where I assumed she did not have to do any housework and so was unaccustomed to cleaning up after herself and the one after that, spent more time in malls and on her make up than she did, keeping herself clean. The irony on the second roommate was that she was most sought after by alot of guys and I always wondered how they were never deterred by the fact that to get into her room, they had to mount the summit that was her dirty clothes. We never fought, but I always harbored resentment that I was constantly having to clean the bathroom of hair and make up powder.

The make up was the most annoying thing for me. She had every conceivable beauty product from every major brand --infact, she had a book that showed how to create different looks in numbered products, brushes and applicators, of which she had them all. Every morning was an unbreakable regiment of curling hair weaves and face paint. And the staining of my counter to a dirty, disgusting brown. She used powdered and liquid foundations that dripped and splattered, brushes that shed all over the place, swabs that were always laying around, eyeshadow palettes that were always falling out of their holders, hair brushes that had more hair sticking out of them than glued to her scalp where they ought to be and so many other things that I had no idea the nature of their purpose.

I remember saying to myself, "I can never be like this".

Flash forward to today. My bathroom, though not as dirty is littered with the makeup brands that I can afford. And what else? The fallen powders of my foundations. I now have the same disorderly space. In the morning, I am in a hurry and don't have time to clean up after myself so I leave everything lying around: curling irons, make up brushes, tubes, lotions, lipsticks, perfume, combs/ brushes, pins and whatever I need to make myself feel pretty and presentable for my day. My bathroom has been destroyed by my own daily regimen.

I wish I had not been so quik to criticize her. I do however keep my bathroom as clean as I can. Everything gets washed and wiped down every other day with industrial strength disinfectant wipes and I have two huge make up bags to throw everything in but I can't help hearing my own voice in my head on those days when I come in from a long day out to see that in my haste to leave hours earlier, I left everything out and about...

You have the same experience? Is there something that you used to chide someone about that you, yourself now do?


chayoma said...

OMG......... there was a time when i could spend the whole day without makeup on... dressing up was reserved for special occassions
Now... haa, i cannot b caught dead without atleast lipgloss glossing my fabulous lips.......
i used to go.... wow, this chick owns a lot of shoes>>> Now < im obssessed with shoes :)
i used to say< all these people and their blackberry, always on their blackberry,cant they look at where they r going>>>>
Now... i'm worse
i cld keep going on, but>>>>

misspumping said...

i concur with the comment of the learned chayoma.

Enkay said...

Before I started driving I would sneer at female drivers who felt like they had to compete with everyone on the road.

Now? While I'm driving, I hardly ever allow anyone overtake me!

It's crazy and i don't know why I do it! lol!

Anonymous said...

abeg the girl was still nasty jare...she was sharing the bathroom with someone else and should have taken time to clean her crap

before i couldnt stand facebook and i refused to get a profile..now it is the first and last thing i do everyday!sad

ibiluv said...

i think its a-ok to leave things about in your own space

so long as everything is clean

it is baaaaaaaadddddddddddd manners though in my books when people who arent maids have to clean up after peeps.....

that i detest......

EDJ said...

Can I just say your sink is awesome? I love the design!
I try my best to be tidy, but sometimes I can go a whole 2 weeks with no arrangement/order whatsoever. However, I LOVE that feeling when everything is arranged & cleaned and then you can see the desk and/or floor again! I need a maid!

Ms. Catwalq said...

Uhhhhh EDJ, sorry but that is not my sink. I got that from the internet