Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Since I last saw you

I attended a free screening of Nollywood Babylon at the National Museum for African Art where the Canadian director Ben Addelman presented a most insightful documentary film on the neurotic Nigerian film industry. Outside the venue, white teens begged for signatures for their campaign against Chevron, the event's official sponsor, for their actions in the Niger Delta region of the country. There were no Nigerians in the group, shivering in the cold and profering small postcards for the signatures they believed would illustrate a "public outcry". I signed one, marveled at the irony of the situation and went in to meet with the director.

Stumbled across this post on Solomonsydelle's blog and nearly had a coronary. In her recent installment of Talk To The Easier Crew, an open forum where individuals share their personal turmoils and invite advice and suggestions from commenters, we are presented with the story of a lady who walks in on her father sexually assaulting the hired help who is all of thirteen years old. Neither the father nor the victim see the lady and she runs off to her room, now claiming to be confused because she now does not know what to do. I say, she should have removed the little girl from the situation first.
Sexual abuse is so much a sordid part of our culture and I don't know what to do change this. What can we do to end sexual abuse within our society?

The snow has come to the DMV and in record amounts. We had a power outage in our development and everyone- and I mean everyone- fled because one of the downsides of a society where electricity runs 24/7 is that should that electricity fail, everything fails along with it. I would have been fine to feel my way around by candle light--something that we quite mastered in the Catwalq household where we don't have a generator-- but without heat in freezing temperature, it was impossible...and so, we joined the mass exodus, seeking solace and warmth with family friends whose power supply had thankfully been unaffected. We have since returned, waiting with bated breath for the forecasted blizzard about to blanket the region...

Contemplating buying the Brazillian butt lift system. The women in the ad look hot and there's this bikini that I have been eyeing and this beach that I am about to set on fire, this July...who is with me?

Been developing quite a few projects and soon, you guys will be enjoying them for the summer...


LusciousRon said...

Hmmn the sexual abuse thing is very rampant! Kids should be removed from the situation and the perepetrator punished and more enlightenment should be made. But with those early marriages still taking place, I wonder what good it will do.

Butt lift system? Go sis! I want one myself, now that will be commotion for my slim frame. :)

AlooFar said...

The anti-Chevron campaign, good move. But teenagers, why?

All the best with the project.


butt lift system ehn? Hmm. Shey you will let us know how it goes, abi?

Glad you got to see the documentary, but your silence on it speaks volumes, no?

Re: my TTTEC post. The thing is beyond disturbing. And as Kpakpando correctly noted, that Ekaette song does nothing to help dispel the myth that househelps are seductresses to be assaulted. Hmm..

Ah, projects? You always have the best projects. Best of luck and do keep us all informed.

Did you provide a link to the current site for your project there? Off to see if i can access it...

Vera Ezimora said...

I don't know if there is anything we can do to stop sexual harassment. We can decrease it, I hope, but sexual molesters are sick people. So sometimes, there isn't much that everyone else can do to change the fact.

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Myne Whitman said...

Nollywood Babylon should be an interesting one. There are several of them on Youtube, everyone seems interested in the naija maverick.

Looking forward to your project.

Anonymous said...

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mizchif said...

So sad about the sexual assault situation. Unfortunately it is so rampant in our society that it's almost acceptable and generally ignored. O pray this changes soon.

Butt-lift? Care to share?
No make that better share!

Rayo said...

If you buy a Brazilian butt lift thingy, I will not speak with you the whole time we're on that beach.

Anonymous said...

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Kiibaati said...

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