Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aya Morisson

Aya Morrison is an upscale, women’s purse, swimwear, and seasonal apparel line that simply yearns to allow all women express their inner style through their use of her chic products, which is incorporated with assorted, vibrant and trendy African fabrics. Aya Morrison’s purse selections and exclusive “personalize-your-fashion-sense” style services ensure that her customers are well accessorized and love each product. Her enchanting swimwear will flatter the figure and increase confidence and self-esteem. And her seasonal apparel will not only give you comfort and increase your self esteem but also keep you looking forward to the next collection!

All items are uniquely designed by Helena, using carefully handpicked fabrics to help unleash every customer's love for the African fabric-infused fashion products in ways that words cannot express. Contact Aya Morrison stores at or visit Website coming soon!


Anonymous said...

WOWWWWW!! these are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! such a talented lady she is. kudos to aya morisson. i sure would be visiting her store soon!

Maxine said...

Aya Morrison's collections sure are gorgeous! The clutches especially are to die for! Always classy!

Enkay said...

Really nice stuff!