Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Countdown to Pin up

5.31 pm. Wednesday,March 12th.
Total hours of sleep since Friday: seven.
Acne levels: six and counting. seven is warming up
Waist line: Now a soda line
Wardrobe: hun?
Hair: hun?
Diet: in what category does tostitos fall into?

Project checklist
Site Plan: 0%
Floor plans : 50%
Sections: 30%
Full rendered elevations: 0%
Partial elevations on special features: 0%
Structural plans: 0%
Section through Auditorium: 0%
Model: hun?
Pin up date: Friday, March 14th @ 1.00pm

Stay tuned for updates....

3.56 am, Thursday March 14th
Total hours of sleep: 0
acne levels: those bagas can go and die for all I care...
Waist line: now a "Dole Pineapple slices/ Chinese fried rice and croaker fish line
Wardrobe: same as the one of yesterday
Hair: still there
diet: answered above

Project Checklist
Site Plan: 0%
Floor plans: 75%
Sections: 45%
Elevations: 0%
structural plans: 0%
section through auditorium:0%
Boards completed: 1 of 4
Total: 45% complete
Starting plans of auditorium do you orient the stupid thing sef? to the water or not?
let me peep at my friend's and just copy his design. he has many, he can spare one.


Total hrs of sleep: 5. ( bad idea. It was supposed to be 2 and I just went over board and now i am do panicked, I cannot see straight)

Acne levels: n/a

waist line: halal chicken and fajita bread line

wardrobe: t-shirt and trouser. have showered.

hair: hun?

diet: answered above


Site plan: 40 %

Floor plans: 90%

Sections: something has gone wrong and I have to fix it. Don't panic. don't panic. I will still say 45%. May the Blessings Be

Elevations: 40%

structural plans: 0%

section through auditorium: 30%

Model: n/a. I am not building a model. will go with a 3d rendering, touched up by hand.

Total: 65%


Jinta said...

good luck. eat kryptonite or something for superhuman strenght

eFJay said...

Wat is goin on? Wat r u up 2? watever it is i'm sure u've heard a thousand times that sleep is a necessity for the human body. So get sme sleep dear

'ef babe'

Rayo said...

Damn...uh...good luck?

InCogNaija said...

i feel you. my own project now is hovering somewhere around the -10% mark...wetin man go do?
Pele, just try not to overstress yourself tho. The profs dont need blood, dont give it to them!

Lighty said...

omo u gatz to take e easy.

Jaycee said...

We're staying tuned...u go with ur Architect self missy!!!! All the best...ur project will be number 1!!!! Woohooo!!!

Pls, eat something more than Tostitos..pretty pls! :)

Jaycee said...

Did Jinta say eat Kryptonite??? Lollllll...

darkelcee said...


Se jeje oh. Please take plenty of water and try to sleep.

I am sure you will succeed.


Anonymous said...

awww... ekuse my dear... e go better.. student diet for you... i know exactly what it feels like.. the acne will clear up once the work does.. lol... i know its not on the same level.. but im dealing with a hairstyle that i really DONT like... gosh

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh gosh babes! I hope you get done in time. I am confident it will be a masterpiece.

Allied said...

i guess this is not the time to point out Thursday is the 13th and not 14th.. Lack of sleep will do that...

Pele.. rora, but i will say get some rest , maybe the design will come to you in your dream.

Yes ke? it can happen.. with a mind like urs? anything is possible

Afrobabe said...

To show how much sleep u need...babes thursday is 13th oh....

get some sleep and a meal...mwuaaaaahhh

Anonymous said...
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Olamild said...

hope u r bouncing in the lord

bumight said...

welcome to my world...

teecity said...

babes u take it easy oh.but knowing u m sure u'll give it all u've gat.


Anonymous said...

RORA. it is well.
how far? considering the fourteenth is today, how far?

Tinuke said...

Okay, so when was this wedding, and how come your computer did not ask for my permission before asking for your hand in marraige.
And to add insult to injury, you didn't ask me to be god-mother of the child you "birthed"


InCogNaija said...

glad to see you are making progress.

Anonymous said...

lol!this chic you write well!