Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hey Mister

Excuse me sir,
I understand that this road that we laboriously plow each day in our quest for bodies of steel and incitement of desire belong to neither you nor I. But I must plead with you.
If you must choose to run in the evenings, the same time as me, could you please ensure that the length of your jogging shorts, at least come to rest on your knees? Maybe the lights were always off, or I was just to preoccupied with other things but are human thighs supposed to possess that much hair?
And I must say that I think something is extremely wrong when your "shorts" hug your "region of productivity" and I see no "evidence" of "man spheres".What do you go a-tucking before you leave the house.
I also think you need to get your skin checked out. That shade of pink must be unhealthy. Is it just me, or does it seem that even your sweat is trying to get away from you cos each time you pass me, I always have to check if it is raining. I must look quite silly being the only person jogging with an umbrella.
Don't look at me like that. U have to know you are asking for it when you unleash yourself on the unsuspecting public. I am not trying to anger your ancestors (and just so you know, mine aren't asleep so don't even try some clifford orji type shit. who is clifford orji? check the internet. sha don't try it)I am just trying to ensure that my attack, defense and weapons of male persuasion are in top form. I am not sure why you r doing what u think u r doing...don't tell me, I am not that interested.
I have to go now. Yeah, you too. See you...okay, bye bye now. What? Will I be coming this way tomorrow? No, I don't think so. i think I am just going to accost my boss with what I am working with....no hugs, sorry


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

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mochafella said...

Err, someone's been staring awfully closely at her fellow runners.

יש (Yosh) said...

lmao! So much for joggin' and concentrating. Hope u didn't run into a trash can on d roadside...

Btw, some hair's good for the man! *rooaaaarrr* :P

RYC: Y! Msgr: YenJosh03, if I'm not getting u wrong!? :-/


...toyintomato said...

..you are supposed to be runnin, why are your eyes wandering..lol

Nyemoni said...

Are you sure you wenren't staring too hard?

Afolabi said...

hmm scoping

omodudu said...

I always say you will find what you look for. LOL

Sparkle said...


O.šeyï said...

lol. That was really good. : ) Well written.

I was just telling my cousin the same thing yesterday. They always have to be running from their knees and clinging to their behinds... its a terrible sight.

At least they were jogging, there's an excuse. What i saw yesterday...criminal. Long sleeves, probably a few inches from the waist, tucked in and... on a bicycle. Hmm...

No further comments.

princesa said...

Who be dis wey u dey yab catwalq?!
i no dey house o!

akin aworan said...

and what are you doing concentrating your attention else where apart from the running, young lady?

BiMbyLaDs** said...

lol.. wear sun shades abi!!!

Jumi said...

You crack me up! One man's food ... is another man's snack (not poison o!). LOL. Just jog on jare and ignore the hairy one! Happy weekend.


lol! That is nothing. How about me that saw an old white man (in his late 60s at least), jogging in some hot red poom poom shorts. WITHOUT UNDERWEAR! I am scarred for life!

Good post!

diary of a G said...

reminds me of people from Kazakhstan for some reason

classybabe said...

lol @ your wandering eyes

Andy said...

Do yuou continually run behind this fellow? Bcos me I no understand oooh!

catwalq said...

@te le maria: thanks

@mochafella: noooo, they have been running close to me

@Yosh: I concentrate when I am jogging.
MBA!!!!!! i am not about to claw my way to your face...so shave it b4 our rendezvous

@Toyintomato: that was what I was jeje-ly and rora-ly doing b4 my eyes were assaulted

@Nyemoni: lai lai

@afolani: na u sabi. I am just concerned for the young children in the area. such exposure is not good for their mental growth.

Omodudu: na lie. I was thinking about Gerard Butler and how I have to get in shape for when we meet for our weekend gettaway and then gbosa!!! mo riranwo

@sparkle: leave him, he is not serious

@Oseyi: fitness has unleashed so many travesties on us people. chei!!!

@na one yeye man like dis wey dey mezz up my jogging

@uncle akin aworan: i was not looking for him. he jogged along my way o

@bimbylads: i already carry umbrella coz of this guy. what will i look like ading shades to the equation?

@Jumi: thank you. I have heard o.

@solomonsydelle: u r d only one that gets me *sob*. thank u for ur support.

@diary of a g: from where to where? kazak kini?

@classybabe: i am perpetually eyes front

@andy: na so I see am ooooooo

pamelastitch said...


Surviving with Truth said...

lmaoooo! this is too funny!

Surviving with Truth said...

pele! so pick another jogging path na

K.I.P.U.S.A said...